'Shelly married Paras Bhasin under pressure'

'Shelly married Paras Bhasin under pressure'

Paras Bhasin’s in-laws, who face allegations of killing the BBA final-year student near rail tracks in east Delhi, finally broke their silence on Thursday and alleged that their daughter Shelly married the 23-year-old under pressure.

According to Shelly’s father, Satish Mittal, Paras had pressurised Shelly by attempting suicide several times.

“My daughter told me and police that Paras had once attempted suicide by cutting his wrist in front of her only,” Satish said.

“She told me that Paras had threatened her that he will commit suicide,” he added.

He further said he never threatened Paras over marrying Shelly or keeping any relationship with her. He also claims that none of his family members knew about Paras and Shelly’s relationship till August 25, the day when his wife met Paras’ family members at Cross River Mall in Anand Vihar after Shelly told her about her relationship with Bhasin.

“On August 26, I was at my shop when my wife called me to inform that Shelly was very disturbed and depressed. Next day, around 7 pm, Shelly called him from near a railway track and said she was going to end her life. Paras was also with her. I got scared and convinced her to come back home by telling her that they will agree to everything she wants,” Satish said.

On August 29, Satish claims that he mer Paras at his home and spoke to him about his job and family background. “Since I was not satisfied, I asked him to think over it and start doing some work. We were in the process of talking to his family,” he added.

Satish also says his family members were unaware about Shelly’s wedding until August 31. Meanwhile, cops have received Paras’ post-mortem report and are analysing it before coming to a conclusion on the cause of his death.

“We have got the autopsy report and are correlating it with the evidence that we have collected. As said it’s a case of murder, we are analysing it on those lines. Verification of suicide note is still being done. It is too early to say if Paras had suicidal tendencies,” said Sanjay Kumar Jain, deputy commissioner of police (crime and railways).

Paras’ family has alleged that he could have been killed by Shelly’s family members over their secret marriage.

They allege that Satish used to threaten Paras to end the relationship, specially after Shelly informed her parents about the marriage.

Paras had secretly married at an Arya Samaj Mandir in Delhi on May 9. He had known Shelly for six years before he decided to tie knot with her.