Aspirations of Kashmiris must be accommodated: Khar

Aspirations of Kashmiris must be accommodated: Khar

Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said Saturday that the "aspirations of the Kashmiri people must be accommodated" and they must be a part of the dialogue process.

Addressing a joint press conference with Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna, Khar mentioned Kashmir and Siachen issues while stressing that both India and Pakistan should simultaneously progress on all tracks despite issues that have divided the two nations for several decades.

"The aspirations of the Kashmiri people must be accommodated and a quest for peaceful settlement requires that we be associated in one way or the other within the dialogue process," she said.

"So as we build the momentum... as we build the trust... as we build the confidence in each other's intentions and each other's commitments to a different view... to a different mindset to a different goal altogether to a different vision, I am quiet sure that we will be able to march ahead to resolve all the disputes."

Khar said it was important to do so "because we must be able to disarm the nay sayers".  "We must be able to disarm the people who will continue to want to divide us. So it is important that we are able to resolve these issues so that we can move forward and continue to consolidate on the success that we have been able to achieve so far and start viewing each other and looking at each other and co-existing as a part of the region," she said.   

She said the two neighbours should look for ways and means for solutions to issues, including Jammu and Kashmir, "so that we continue to develop on our achievements through dialogue".

Khar said negative mindsets should be shunned and there is a need to move ahead with a new mindset. "Pakistan sends a strong message" to move ahead in ties without being held hostage to past positions, Khar said.