Debate on stray dog continues...

Debate on stray dog continues...

Residents question Rs 21 lakh utilised for sterilisation of canines

Debate on stray dog continues...

 Unidentified persons poisoning stray dogs at Udayagiri Layout last week has raised a hue and cry among animal lovers.

While they have issued statements condemning the inhumane act, the residents of the layout are questioning the safety of themselves and their children. The killing of stray dogs has kept the debate alive in the city. The residents are not only suffering due to stray dog menace but also herds of cattle that stray on to busy streets, creating anxious moments for vehicle users.

Not only this. In a surprising incident, a motorbike rider on the ring road was bitten by a stray horse inflicting severe injuries. The city municipal council is aware of all the incidents.

After the stray cattle menace was highlighted in the newspapers, the CMC had issued statements warning of stern action against cattle rearers.

But the stray dog menace has turned into a serious issue. Killing of stray dogs, by poisoning, is the height of cruelty, but the residents suffering due to these dogs have a different story to tell.

“The children are not able to walk on the streets as packs of dogs wander aimlessly and pounce on them. Fitness freaks, who are addicted to morning walks, too are afraid and have changed their walking route. The dogs do not spare even two-wheeler riders who return home late. They chase them barking.” These are the complaints made by residents from all layouts.

The residents seek answers from the CMC for various issues. They raise questions on the Rs 21 lakh used for sterilisation of dogs, and what is the expense per dog, what is the number of stray dogs in the city, if all the dogs have been sterilised why is the population of stray dogs still remain and rising? According to experts, after sterilisation dogs lose their viciousness, but the rise in stray dogs attacks prove otherwise.

Though the funds utilised for sterilisation was discussed in some meetings, it was later dropped.