Today's Letters

Today's Letters

Merit should be the criterion

Sir, This refers to ‘State selection panel resigns?’ (DH, Sept 29). We should feel happy that at least some effort is being made to bring the selectors to answer disturbing questions, by the president of the KSCA.

The president should also probe the friends, kith and kin of the selectors — who have made the grade to the state team on considerations other than merit. Eighty per cent of the players chosen are duds. They are only hyped by the selectors. The pathetic level to which the state team has plummeted can be stemmed by having a transparent system of selection based on a CET type process. Get rid of the selectors. Wipe out corruption and nepotism. Is anybody at KSCA listening?

Anbumani Rajesh

Have a legislation

Laying and up-keep of streets, lighting, drainage, garbage clearance and related jobs are handled by local bodies.

So, why cannot the Union government enact a legislation barring persons contesting elections for local bodies on behalf of political parties. Socially respected and knowledgeable persons of integrity only should be allowed to file nominations.

Otherwise, local bodies become nurseries and hotbeds for all that is evil in a parties-dominated picture.

N Dharmeshwaran

outlandish recovery procedure

 This refers  to your reports “ Bad Credit history will block multiple  card use--, in your   paper dt.29/09/2009.

The country’s  largest private lender ICICI  BANK, is supposed to have informed about the changes, is  NOT  TRUE.I am their customer, and till 14.hrs on date I have not received any message, hence I have not acknowledged anything.

One as an individual  always sensed that ICICI was over aggressive in marketing ,which was reinforced by their outlandish lending  /recovering procedures. If the procedure is adopted by a particular bank ,then there are no issues.

If on the other hand  it covers Credit Cards issued by other banks then the matter needs to be debated.

M.Sharada Prasad


Now a days it has become a common feature to see agitations/stoppage of work to demand salary/wage increases, especially by those in the higher income bracket. Last year, all government employees were given increase in salaries in view of forthcoming election; this has led to chain reaction - with everyone demanding wage increase. Whether it is high earning pilots or company managements or other private sector employees or even our elected representatives, everyone wants more money.  Due to our faulty economic system and liberalization certain sections of our society have sky as the limit with unlimited income. Due to this, other aspiring groups also expect to catch them or they will be branded as not equals. This can be best noticed in the way people are going for higher capacity/luxury cars, when globally luxury car sales have rock bottomed. It is time to think how much a person can accumulate wealth and show off it in our country when  there are very large percentage of our people struggling for 2 meals a day.

S M Nanjappa                                                                                                                                  Bangalore-560013

Sense of belonging

The Union minister for home affairs P. Chidambaram recently said in a speech that the attitude of Delhi’s citizens needs to change if we are to successfully host the 2010 Commonwealth Games. He is right, and there was no uproar this time, unlike after the statement made by the Lt Governor last year on the same issue, because in their hearts, Delhiites know he is speaking the truth.

But really, why are Delhi’s citizens rude and arrogant? It is simply because there is no sense of belonging. Most people living in Mumbai - even those that are originally from outside Maharashtra - feel that the city is theirs (they call it ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ meaning ‘Our Mumbai’). We don’t see the same attitude here.

Even if I am being politically incorrect here, the truth is that Delhi faces a huge influx of people from remote villages. And it is usually seen that these people have no civic sense. Not just that, even well- educated people with huge, expensive cars behaves just the same.

It is true that Delhi is filthy. It is also true that Delhiites don’t adhere to the simplest of traffic rules. And when you question them, it is you who are questioned: ‘Do you who know who I am?’ or ‘Do you know who my father is?’ The other reason for my frustration is the psychological fatigue brought on by the incessant noise on the streets ‘cars, loudspeakers, processions‘ and this result in traffic violations too. This only goes to prove that a large number of Delhi’s citizens are not law-abiding.

Since they all feel that they are above the law, there is an urgent need to implement existing laws first, and then talk of creating a world- class city.

Mahesh Kapasi
Gulmohar Park, New Delhi-110049

Look at the craters on the Earth first

We have discovered water on the Moon, fine. it is high time we looked at ground realities existing in India at a time when Global Warming is taking a toll on water and severe drought situation exists. Not much attention is being paid to resolving drought and water crisis that is rapidly affecting Indian economy, especially the agriculture sector. The World Bank estimates that 21% of communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe water. Diarrhea alone causes more than 1,600 deaths daily.  Global warming has been causing irregular Monsoon cycles too.

The cost of Moon mission Chandrayan -I to find traces of water has been estimated to be Rs. 386 crore (US$ 80 million)and the next mission Chandrayan -II which is to pick up soil or rock samples for chemical analysis, is likely to take off in 2012 and has been estimated to cost Rs. 425 crore US$ 90 million).  Ironically, the Government of India is taking huge loans and subsidies to resolve water crisis and drought situation from The World Bank and Asian Development Bank at a whopping estimate of over 900 million collectively to be distributed to the affected states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab etc

Now the common man is in a dilemma as he is unable to understand why water on the moon needs much attention and money  when he is not able to find a pot of potable drinking water on earth! The scientists in ISRO no doubt need to applauded for their successful effort in tracing water on the moon but in tough times like these, immediate attention is required both from the scientist and the government- the scientist can help to resolve the problem by mapping availability of water and government can actively involve itself in resolving the situation at the earliest!

Varun Dambalkar
Nagarbhavi, Bangalore

India should solve their own problem

US approval to triple the non-military aid of Rs. 1.5 billion for next five years to Pakistan is baffling. US and other European countries offer aid to Indian social organizations after severe conditions to ensure the money is not used for any terrorist activities. How is that US has turned deaf to an open statement from Musharraf that Pakistan has utilised for its hostile operations against India? Rightly foreign Minister S M Krishna has lodged our protests to US. It is unlikely US will take our protest seriously. India must stop at looking at US for solving our problems with Pakistan. We must handle it independently.

K R Anandagopalan
Vinayaka Layout Bangalore.

India concerned about US triple aid to Pak

For more than a decade Pakistan has been on existence because of the US aid. To the delight and relief of Pakistan the US senate has voted to triple the grant. Despite the intense protest by India on the misuse of funds, US continue to support Pak in order to curb the terror menace post 9/11. Experts in US have been reiterating that spending money on Pakistan is an illogical conclusion. It will not help them to buy terrorism instead direct development in the affected region would be of meaningful purpose.

Deepak Chikramane

Ban mining in Western Ghats

  It is true that our planet earth is getting warm by unprecedented human activities.   The mighty Himalayan Range is melting and the sea level is increasing. The green house gas emission level is increasing. The green pasture of the earth is on the decline. Deforestation, indiscriminate growth of population in India has resulted in excess drawing of ground water. Carbon emission has made the planet earth warm.   In the Nilgiris bio-sphere in Tamil Nadu there is a complete ban on the use of plastics.   Mining activities and quarrying are also completely banned. Forests of Devarakadu and Nagabana in the Western Ghats are rich in fauna and floras.  These need to be preserved.   So the blanket ban on mining in Western Ghats is highly welcome.   Smuggling activities need to be curbed. 

N R Ramachandran

Cricket still a gentleman's game

In the ongoing champions trophy, the gesture showed by the captain of England in recalling Angelo Mathews of Sri Lanka needs to be appreciated. We all know that cricket is a gentleman's game, and this sort of an attitude will go a long way in promoting fair play. The field umpires after consulting the match referee had declared the batsman run out, the batsman reluctantly was walking back to the pavilion not at all pleased with the decision. Mathews was unable to complete the run as the bowler had blocked his way. It was really nice of Mathews also, to reciprocate by thanking the English players for their sportsmanship and this is what true sport is all about.

K. Amul Chander
Vidyaranyapura (Post) Bangalore.
What a joke!

The fresh grant of US aid to Pakistan with imposition of certain unsustainable conditions reminds me of a joke of yesteryear's.

After giving alms to a beggar, the alms-giver tells him to spend the money on food and not on tobacco.

The beggar replies "Sir, did I tell you how to spend your money?"

T K Nagarajan,

Cell phone your Identity now

This refers to 'Establishing identity a cell phone away' (DH, Sept 27). It is amazing that cell phones are going to perform yet another function in establishing your identity. The Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI)has come out with a novel plan to confirm a person's identity by using cell phones (CP). The little cellular gadget will be used to crosscheck the identity of an individual in cases such as opening a bank account, getting LPG connection or benefiting from a government welfare scheme. The Unique Identity Project (UIP) is an ambitious project aimed at creating database for every Indian resident. Once UID numbers are issued, the UIDAI will go for online authentication. This would help cut down on fake records and avoid duplication of records.

B H Shanmukhappa

Levels politicians stoop to!

Congress party's plan to lay seize on Vidhana  Soudha was foiled by massive police 'bandobast'. Though Congress leaders cry foul, at the action, their own plan was undemocratic. The men in khaki had no option but to obey the order of government. No one would deny protest in democracy, but Congress' attempt clearly spells that they are running out of ideas. The frustration is dominating them, having failed to utilise the opportunity provided to them on the floor of the parliament House. Now they are trying to divert the attention, but this is not the way to express their vent. Unfortunately Leader of opposition Siddaramaiah seems to have lost control over tongue, the language is equally undemocratic.

Inamdar Ramachandra

Leaders, look at the real issues

The Congress party's bid to seize Vidhana Soudha by creating ruckus, is to say the least churlish and unwarranted. Being a national party and professes to follow Gandhian principles, they indulged in taking out procession which disturbed the serenity and mobility of vehicles smoothly. Gandhiji followed sathyagraha on any issue and even got us independence along with other leaders through peaceful means, without any bloodshed. Gandhiji may be turning in his grave the way present day Congressmen are functioning. The party has already lost faith and confidence of the people and taking the issue to street inconveniencing them obviously to embarrass the government could only outdistance further. There are burning issues besetting the country, like galloping price of essential commodities. Issues like these can be focused and not non-issues. It is time political parties of all hues shunned processions and agitations on non-issues to prove that they are not dormant. And this will only be counter-productive.

H P Murali