Shopping and go-karting!

Shopping and go-karting!

RV Engineering College is one of the reputed institutions in the City. As the college is located 13 kilometres away from the City, its students find it tough to travel to the hangouts in the City on a regular basis. The college canteen has been closed and the students can’t find a decent place where they can have a bite. Most of the students wish to spend their free time in the college itself by roaming around in the campus, reading in libraries and chatting with friends in the lawn.

However, there are some places nearby like the ‘Gopalan Mall’, ‘Beijing Bites’, ‘Wonderla’, ‘Grips’ karting’, ‘Parota corner’ and ‘Cafe Coffee Day’ which are pretty famous among them.

Pratheek, a fourth year student in telecommunication engineering, has a lot many options. He wishes to go for karting at 'Grips', likes to eat at 'Beijing Bites' and spends his free time at the shopping complex in front of his college.

“I am fond of karting. We go in a group of 10-15 to 'Grips' and have great fun there. Usually, we spend more than two hours karting and teasing one another. Sometimes, we mass bunk our classes and go for karting,” he smiles. “As our college is far away from the City, we keep on searching for new spots to spend our free time. We frequently visit a food joint by the name of 'Beijing Bites' on Katriguppe Main Road. More than eight friends accompany me and the servers in that restaurant have become our friends,” he reveals.

Prithika, a third year student of biotechnology prefers to spend her free time at Gopalan Mall.

“After finishing our classes, we rush towards Gopalan Mall on Mysore Road, nearer to our college. We go in a group of four-five to purchase whatever we want and then relax at Cafe Coffee Day. But most of the time, we do window shopping,” she laughs.

Badrinath, a second year telecommunication engineering student prefers to hang out at the shopping complex in front of his college.

He says, “It is a nice place to meet our friends. 'Udupi Upahar' and 'Lakshmi Juice and Chat Centre' in the complex are our favourite spots.”

 They also go and have fun at Wonderla which is quite near to their college when they have holidays.

According to Jeshma, 'Parota Corner' and 'Satkar Juice Centre', near the college are popular among the students of RV Engineering College.

“I like to have Aalu parota with Navaratna Kurma, which is a quite popular combination here. Actually, we don't have much free time to spend in the college. Once we finish our classes, we are eager to catch the bus and go back home,” she concludes.