Launch united struggle for irrigation, says MLC

Launch united struggle for irrigation, says MLC

People will not forgive politicians if we fail to act now

Launch united struggle for irrigation, says MLC

“The district is in the throes of drought owing to lack of a permanent irrigation facility. People are struggling even for drinking water. It is high time that politicians should surpass party barriers and launch a unified struggle for a irrigation project. People will not forgive politicians in the district if we do not spring into action,” Narayanaswamy said at a press meet here on Tuesday.

The government is dilly-dallying to release funds to carry out a survey on the proposal to bring Nethravathi water to the district. A ruling dispensation should not adopt delay tactics at the preliminary stages of a project, he felt.

Dried-up tanks
Narayanaswamy said that there are 4,000 tanks in the district and none of them have water. The Raja Kaluve (water supply inlets) carrying water to such waterbodies are clogged. An authority for development of tanks should be constituted and honest officers should be put in charge of the affairs for speedy and quality works.
“During the last Council session, I had suggested the Chief Minister to prepare a comprehensive plan for development of waterbodies and the funds of all departments concerned with water related projects must be diverted to such an authority. However no action has been taken in this behalf so far,” he expressed displeasure.
The MLC alleged that crores of rupees released for watershed, Sujala, Jalasamvardhana and several such other projects have been misused and there is no meaning in formulating such projects again.

Instead, a comprehensive development plan should be conceived and steps must be taken to implement the plan through able and honest officers. “There should be no interference of politicians in the entire exercise,” he stated.
The ruling BJP government in the State has not appointed any district in-charge minister after the resignation of legislator Krishnaiah Setty. Except sending Labour Minister B N Bachegowda for hoisting tricolour on Independence Day, no effort has been made in this regard. The government has totally neglected the district, he alleged.

Foreign tour
A team of legislators was sent on Europe tour this time. The legislators visited Greece, Vatican, Switzerland, France, England, London, Scotland, Oxford, Italy and Austria. “We were awestruck with the commitment of politicians in these countries. The pace of development, adaptation of technological innovations in agriculture are marvellous. These countries have developed 500 pc compared to India. A report on the tour experience has been submitted to the Speaker on Saturday,” Narayanaswamy said, thanking the government for providing the opportunity.

Farmers regulate the prices of agricultural commodities in Switzerland. Tomatoes cost Rs 250 per kg in that country. Upon witnessing the transactions there, I remembered the plight of farmers of Kolar district. Politicians should be squarely blamed for lack of such an arrangement in India,” he lamented.