A change from the mundane

A change from the mundane

The home science department of Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College (BCWCC) recently organised its first inter-college fest, ‘Casca’ (‘To discover’).

It saw participants from various City colleges, compete in events related to nutrition, textiles, human development, interiors and management.

The fest was aimed at providing a platform to all home science students to discover their potential. It saw Mount Carmel PU and Degree College, Abbas Khan College for Women, Smt VHD Institute of Home Science and St John’s High School participate.

The  events conducted included ‘Draping’, ‘Pictionary’, ‘Pot Art’, ‘Innovative Pre-School Aid’, ‘Floral Twist’, ‘Product Launch’, ‘Crossword’ and ‘Chameleon’, where the student had to speak for and against the given topic.

“I participated in ‘Chameleon’ and ‘Pictionary’. Though I didn't win, it was still fun and extremely informative. Being the first inter-college fest for the home science department, it was better than what I had expected. I hope this continues every year,” says Sharmada M V, second-year BSc student, BCWCC.

This was a dream-come-true for the faculty members of the home science department, who thought the fest was a great success. “There are only four to five home science colleges in the City and all of them took part in the fest. We’ve got really good feedback from all the teams so far,” shares Grace Premila, HOD, home science department.

“We also introduced a new event called ‘The Innovative Pre-School Aid’, which is helpful in the teaching process in nursery. We got a great response for that. The girls really worked hard and organised it very well,” she adds. Even for participants from other colleges, this was a welcome change from the usual management or cultural fests one is accustomed to attend.

“The fest was really nice and it was encouraging to see home science students doing this. People think that home science is all about stitching and cooking but there’s a lot more to it. It was a good exposure,” says Syeda Tooda, a student of Mount Carmel Degree College.