On threshold of celebration

On threshold of celebration

Fests have become an ‘in-thing’ in college campuses. But organising these events takes a lot of time and planning.There a whole lot of challenges that come their way. How do these young students do that and go on to conduct a fest successfully? Metrolife spoke to students of Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College, Centre for Management Studies, which is celebrating a fest called Threshold 2009 on October 1, to find out how.

Many student committees, comprising 10 to 12 people, are working for the success of the fest, which will be held at the NIMHANS Convention Centre.There are committees for hospitality, logistics, scores, judges and many more. Naman Jain and Rohan Kapoor are the main organisers.

Threshold is a management fest and the theme of the fest is Jig Saw, which means puzzle. Participants for the fest come from different parts of the country. Around 40 colleges are invited but only ten colleges will be selected to participate. The student core team has a lot of work to do, they have to come up with the preliminary question round for selecting the colleges for the finals.

They have to plan all the other events keeping in mind the theme and then finalise them. The core team works for almost nine hours at a stretch in a day to make the fest a grand success. They work on posters, sending invites to judges and colleges, they have to make videos, teasers, posters, banners, and most of all, a separate website just for the event.

Greeshma Singh says, “A lot of hard work has been put in by the student body to make the fest a grand success. We have decentralised all the work, this way, each one of us get to do our bit for the Threshold.”

They have certain unique things for their fest. Some of which are separate videos for each and every event which is going to be held. The trophies are customised. The core team is involving a lot of students from the second-year BBM to help them out in the fest.
They have received immense support from the students. Ronak Khiraiya says, “We have planned well in advance for Threshold and a lot of energy has been put in. We have made departments to execute our plan accurately. We have been working day and night for the fest to come out well.”

Naman Jain says, “We have been working very hard to make this fest a success. I have created many groups, which will handle certain matters. All of us have been working very hard for the past three months. We have taken great efforts in designing the posters, thinking for an appropriate theme for the fest, inviting the judges, finalising the venue for the event and many more.”