'Women equal to men in corruption'

'Women equal to men in corruption'

When the nation is riddled with corruption, how can one expect male officers to be a only part of it? Can’t there be a woman too?

That’s exactly what would have stemmed in the mind of a girl student who was curious to know about women involved in irregularities.

Participating in an interaction with former Lokayukta justice N Santosh Hegde, Chaitra N a student of final year BA at Maharani’s Arts and Commerce College, asked the former; What’s the percentage of women indulging in corruption?

In a sarcastic manner, Hegde said ‘that’s where women are also equal to men’. Though the number of women officers are less, still majority of them are in the muck of corruption.

Another student Mamatha M wanted to know, whether those accused of corruption could be let out on bail? Hegde said it would be better, the bail is granted after making the accused feel the pinch for sometime.

Ranjita H N asked ‘Can Jan Lokpal Bill, if implemented is sufficient to weed out corruption?’ Hegde replied ‘It’s impossible to get into action at one go and also it’s not possible to make society completely free from corruption.’

To a poser on ‘the role of youths in checking corruption’, by Manjula a student of second M Sc in psychology, Hegde said ‘youths too should take active part in politics and also exercise their franchise without fail’.

Aishwarya S, BBM student was surprised to know how could Hegde take up a cudgel against corruption without fear of the future. Mincing no words, Hegde said he was not afraid of the future.

Elaborating, he said, he declined security after stepping down from the hot seat for the reason that; nobody can stop the fate.

He cited the example of then prime minister Indira Gandhi who was assassinated by her own bodyguards.