Don't let children overuse those cell phone apps

Don't let children overuse those cell phone apps

Have you lent your mobile phone to your kid, just so that you can have your peace? While that is  no crime, it can become a difficult habit to break.

In recent years, phones have become an extension of our body. They have changed their stature from the one that you use to make an emergency call to the one you can befriend. More so, with the advent of smart phones, and the introduction of apps. There are many apps, that are entertaining and educating. Children learn to draw, read and even explore the most complex scientific formula with the help of a phone app. Then, what can possibly be wrong with one? Here’s the truth.

*Phone apps seem harmless in the beginning. Besides, there are scores of games that are educational. Having said that, it is still like any other computer game. The more you play, the more addicted you get.

*Just like computer games, phone apps can be very stressful for the young mind as there is constant action. Even when the game itself is not scary or violent, it can still make the mind very stressful.

*Anger, frustration and the ‘wants’ of the kids will grow many-fold.

*Kids become impatient and their attention span reduces to a great extent — the after effects are similar to those of playing video/computer games.

*These apps on the phone hamper motor and social skills. I have seen many children hooked on to the phone on a dinner table. That is one of the worst things that can possibly happen.

*The constant activity on the phone screen makes the child over-active mentally. It is not such a good thing for a young mind. This leads to disturbed sleep in the night.

*Phones are meant to be smart, small and therefore, have smaller screens. If looking at a wide computer screen can be harmful, how can phones be harmless?

*Cell phone radiation is still being studied for possible health risk. Why gamble?

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