Youth gets two years in jail for molestation

Youth gets two years in jail for molestation

A Delhi court on Saturday sentenced a youth to two years in jail for molesting his alleged former girl friend and asked the jail authorities to provide him psychiatric help for his ‘stalking behaviour’.

“The Superintendent Jail shall also take immediate steps to ensure that the convict is provided the necessary medical / psychiatric help (preferably from a specialised institution ie, Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences for his stalking behaviour),” the court said.

The order came in a case in which Delhi-based Mukesh, 22, was held guilty of molesting the girl, stalking her and making crank calls to her and her family members this year.

According to the police, Mukesh had barged into the house of the girl, known to her, and injured her by tying her with wires after which the girl’s family lodged a complaint with the police.

The family earlier had filed two complaints with similar allegations. The court, while sentencing the convict, also stressed on the need for enacting a separate law in India relating to the offence of stalking where the offender follows, harasses or threatens the girl after rejection by her in a relationship.