'My designs are fluid and breezy'

'My designs are fluid and breezy'

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'My designs are fluid and breezy'

There are very few fashion designers in India who are known across the world for their personal definition of style.

Goa-based Wendell Rodricks is one such person who has carefully carved out his own niche in the world of glitz and glamour.

He recently came to the City to launch his autobiography, ‘The Green Room’, which gives an insight into the world of models, designers and looks at how the industry has changed into what it is today.

“Many have asked me why I wrote it at this point of my life. When I saw the final manuscript, I was just glad I did it now. I’d rather do it when I’m famous than forgotten,” confesses Wendell.

Other than the telling of his personal journey from an unnoticed middle-class man to a famous designer, there was also another reason why he penned it down. 

   “There was too much of misrepresentation among people, be it intentional or unintentional. I felt that I’d rather get the record straight from the horse’s mouth,” he shares, without pointing fingers at anybody.

In his 25-year long career, Wendell has given minimalism, resort wear and eco-friendly clothing long before those terms were even coined.

Wendell is always designing and conceptualising new ideas, but the one thing that he
manages to retain in whatever he makes is the charm of Goa.

“The Goa factor has become a part of my style — my designs are always fluid and breezy and I’ve become a master at that. Even my tailors now know what to do to control the flow of the clothes,” he laughs.

When asked how his mind works, he pauses for a second and answers, “I keep a
little black book and fill it with ideas and sketches as and when they strike. There are times when I get up at 4 am with an idea and start working on it.”

However, it’s a little different when it comes to an entire collection. 

“The actual collection happens only when I am filled with a passion to do it. I lock myself into that collection.

I don’t go out or accept any invitation. I just go to the studio and live with my
collection. The expression on the ramp is my art and altar,” notes Wendell, who does not feel the need to go hunting for ideas.

A word of advice he gives to the young and old is to develop one’s own style.

“I think with so much of fashion around, it’s really important to create a style
for you, which is India in spirit and international in wearability. Fashion passes and changes every month.

It’s best not to go by what books or designers tell you to wear because it might not
suit you,” recommends the designer.

Bangalore is one of his favourite cities in the country and he always enjoys coming back here.  

“It is a special place because till today, it has not lost its soul to bling and Bollywood.

People buy prudently and their wardrobes speak volumes about desire for
quality. I feel that the people here really get the aesthetics with which I do
my minimalist clothing,” he says.

“They may not be buyers but they truly appreciate my work,” wraps up Wendell.
Rohini Kejriwal

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