Myriad cuts and colours

Myriad cuts and colours

Haute Style

Designer Namrata G is always on an innovative mode. She gives anything traditional a new meaning and every time she designs, she comes up with something unique.

A blend of tradition and modernity

Namrata G leaves her imprint on all her creations by giving them an unusual twist. She has done it again with her latest line of cholis, that perfectly go with all kinds of saris — whether cocktail, netted or traditional ones. 

The cholis designed by her elevate the sari to a new level. They aren’t the run-of-the-mill type, for they are the result of six months of research. Namrata G has perfected the art of creating cholis that truly accentuate the body.

Talking about the philosophy behind the cholis, Namrata G says, “They are crafted in such a way that the cut, colour and fit not only leave a woman feeling comfortable, but confident as well. We’ve seen people struggling with their blouses and here, we’ve worked and literally removed the stress of having to look for a choli with the perfect fit.”

The cholis have been designed in three or four sizes — keeping in mind different body types. And Namrata G has smuggled an enviable amount of variety into the collection. The multi-coloured choli can be teamed with just about any sari.

“It’s the era of mix and match, so if working women need to change for a party after work, all that they need to do is to carry an extra sari and match it with the multi-coloured choli, which has no less than five colours woven into it,” she explains.

Some of the other variations include the sequinned cholis, which go best with cocktail saris;  the girly cholis, that are exclusively made for young girls who are wearing a sari for the first time and the cholis made from plain anokhi prints, that can be worn with traditional saris.

There are a wide range of cocktail, ready-to wear and traditional saris, in addition to silvery and shimmery jackets for men. There isn’t too much work on the saris, since she chooses to keep it simple and elegant.

“The ready-to-wear saris are not only popular with young girls but older women too. The netted saris have work on the border, which enhances the look,” explains Yogesh Mishra, the head designer. The cholis are priced from Rs 2,000 onwards and the saris begin at Rs 8,000.

Meghna Babu, I year BA, Mount Carmel College, chose a blue brocade sari and paired it with a multi-coloured choli.

Punchline: “The sari makes me feel modern, with a traditional touch. The design
doesn’t shout from the rooftop, but speaks for     

Price: Sari (Rs 9,500) and choli (Rs 2,800)

Santosh Kumar Naik, fourth-semester engineering, New Horizon College of Engineering, wore a grey fully-embroidered jacket with velvet strips and crystal buttons.

Punchline: “The jacket is comfortable and it feels good to wear something so well-stitched and attractive.” 

Price: Jacket (Rs 32,000)  

Anookya Harish, II PUC, Mount Carmel College, wore a traditional aqua-green netted sari and teamed it with a halter choli.

Punchline: “I find the work on the sari very pretty — it has a youthful touch to it. It’s comfortable and can be carried off well.”

Price: Sari (Rs 18,000) and choli (Rs 2,200)

Bhawana, I year BSc, Army Institute of Fashion and Design, wore a black cocktail sari from the ready-to-wear collection and paired it with a black sequinned choli. She also wore a traditional brooch.

Punchline: “I like the way the sari is cut and draped so easily. This sari has a western cut with a traditional look. It’s elegant.”

Price: Sari (Rs 8,500) and choli (Rs 2,800)

Atul Kumar Tripathi, a professional, wore a silver shimmer jacket and paired it with slim black trousers.

Punchline: “The jacket not only fits well, but has a royal feel about it. It’s best suited for a special occasion.”

Price: Jacket (Rs 11,500)

Katya Vishwanadhan, II year MSc, Christ University, draped a pale pink georgette sari, complete with antique sequin motifs with a pearl finish. She teamed it with a beige halter choli.

Punchline: “The sari is beautiful and sophisticated. The colour simply just stands out and it’s perfect for the evening.”

Price: Sari (Rs 15,000) and choli (Rs 2,500)

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