Karunakaran's son drops bombshell on Isro spy case

Karunakaran's son drops bombshell on Isro spy case

Former Kerala chief minister K. Karunakaran’s son K. Muraleedharan on Sunday alleged that if there was a conspiracy in the  Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) spy case, then former prime minister P V Narasimha Rao would have had a role in it.

“Rao often used to target his political rivals by hoisting false cases on them. If there was a conspiracy in the Isro spy case, then Rao would certainly have played a role,” said
Muraleedharan, who is also a Congress legislator.

He made the remarks while taking part in a meeting along with S Nambi Narayanan, a former Isro scientist who was arrested on an espionage charge along with another top official of Isro, two Maldivian women and a businessman.

The case first surfaced in 1994. At that time, Karunakaran was the chief minister. He resigned in 1995.

Pressure tactics

“Karunakaran had to resign following pressure from Rao and he did it in a week’s time, after being asked to,” said Muraleedharan.
But in 1996, things changed drastically after the CBI and the apex court of the country cleared Narayanan and gave him a clean chit and he got back his job.