A chance to browse

A chance to browse

Interesting Offerings

The Community Services of Bangalore (CSB) recently held their annual exhibition, ‘CSB Santhe’ at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat.

At the day-long exhibition, one could pick from eco-friendly products, unique household articles, handwoven saris, designer dresses and for the more indulgent lot, gorged on baked goodies and delicious street food.

“We support 10 charities and this is the one event into which our whole year’s efforts come together to give something to those we support, as well as to visitors who support us,” says Chandni Iyer, president, CSB.

A lot of organisations had a chance to display their items. Gramya showcased its innovative banana-fibre products like mats and lamp shades and ‘The Association of People with Disability’ sold the products grown as part of its horticulture programme.

A wide range of items could be purchased at very reasonable prices — bags, lamps, kurtas, tunics, saris, jewellery, gardening equipment and even pots of flowers.  Food stall owners were having quite a field day with people queuing up to pick up a cupcake or a tasty vada pav.  There was also a little stall in a corner selling secondhand books of different genres, which was quite a hit with the visitors.

“People have come forward and donated their old books and we are selling them for Rs 20, 30, 50 and 100. One can find Enid Blyton classics and the Nancy Drew series as well as Jeffrey Archer and Paulo Coelho titles. The best part is that all the collections go to charity,” shares Asha Wadhwani, who was in charge of the book stall.

But not everyone was too happy with the exhibition. “Some of these stalls are really good and it’s always fun to browse at a santhe. But I feel there could have been more variety and classier items. More crafts from other states could also have been showcased,” remarks Anita, a visitor.