A whacky way to party!

A whacky way to party!


Parties are an integral part of our lives. Youngsters these days specially find parties rejuvenating from their stressful lives. Be it their own birthdays, friends’ birthday, bachelor’s parties, spinsters parties or parents’ anniversaries, youngsters are always game for some fun.

But, if on one hand parties have become regular with the youth, organising one has become a big hassle for hosts. Starting from the cake to the decor, it is really taxing for the host to organise each and everything. So, to give the host a break and to help them with a chance to only enjoy their own party, shops in Delhi are coming up with numerous party accessories.

It is a way to jazz up parties with freaky accessories like drinking games, noise makers, balloons, costumes, et al. You name it and you’ll get it. Delhiites are in for a treat as it has become a new way to decorate their houses and surprise the guests. Few shops like Party Hunterz, Wanna Party and Dhol Dhamaka supplies such items to make the parties eventful.

Aditya Kapoor, owner of Party Hunterz, says that his own experience of not finding proper props and accessories led him to open such shops.

“Once my sister was looking for items for her one-year-old daughter’s birthday but, could not get anything unusual. That is how we got quit our jobs to open such a shop where people can come and buy innovative items for their parties.”

Aditya who procures all the items from the US and China according to the themes of the parties, says that his primary clientele ranges from 18-35 years old.

The most selling items for the youth are the drinking games, LED accessories, glasses to wear, hair extensions, etc.

Party Hunterz is one-of-its-kind store in Delhi, which fulfills requirements for all sorts of parties. The store offers endless items, from baby showers to bachelorette bashes, from birthday parties to graduation bashes and from soccer to superhero soirees, every theme has an exclusive collection of party supplies including cups, plates, invites, party favors, return gifts, balloons, party banners, games, etc. Even if one doesn’t have a theme in mind, they can just drop in to the store and try some accessories like light up eyewear, glitter hats, funky wigs, glow jewellery and so on.

Similarly, another website selling party items is DholDhamaka.com. It is a which intend to provide solutions to everything celebration and need in everyone’s life.

Although they don’t have any on ground store, they operate through their website.

Chandan Sharma, owner of the website, says the conventional way of partying in Delhi gave him the idea of such website.

“I only see people drinking and dancing in a party. There is nothing for the decoration. It plays a very important part in a party and that is the gap we aim to fill.” Way to go!

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