Slices of many cultures

Slices of many cultures

A unique folk art called Pulliattam evoked much curiosity at the Innovative Film City recently.

The Pulliattam artists.

The artists, who had come all the way from Kerala, were dressed in fascinating costumes and headgears enthralling the audience at the venue. The painting done on the artists’ body and face was something delightful to see.

What was even more interesting, however, was the energy the artists had throughout the show. The men were dressed like tigers and the dance revolved around the various behavioural aspects of the animal. They paraded through the venue presenting various acrobatic skills and stunts. Stunts such as peeling a coconut using the teeth and breaking it in a single shot won them applause.

They danced to the fast beats of the thasa as the percussionists kept the energy up with the non-stop beating of the drum-like instrument.

Apart from the dance, a wide range of exhibitions from various parts of the country, was also held at the venue. As many as 20 states participated in the exhibition and artisans came together to offer the best fare.

“We have invited artisans from Gujarat, West Bengal, Mizoram, Orissa, Tamil Nadu etc. This a unique opportunity for artisans as well as the people here. There are no middle men involved, hence the prices are subsidised as well. We have not been getting many customers due to the bandh, but we have kept our hopes up for the coming week,” says Ravi Rudravmurthy, manager of public relations, Innovative Film City. A small group of women from Mizoram had brought in some unique products from the picturesque state.

“We have got handmade flowers, which are made with satin and coloured sponge, as well as traditional bags from our state. These are dogpa and lepcha prints and we have bags in all sizes,” says Praneeta Lepcha, a vendor.

The Gujarat stall had beautiful handmade bed covers and patchwork bags. Govardhan, the owner of the stall, had a wide range of these apart from cushion covers and wall hangings. People who had come there left the venue impressed.

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