Feeling at home in Glasgow

Feeling at home in Glasgow


Raghav Agarwal loved studying at the University of Strathclyde. He shares his UK experience

Raghav at the Strathclyde campus in Glasgow.After completing high school we all have to make a few important decisions in our lives. Choosing one university out of the many is one of them. There are numerous questions that pop up in one’s mind, such as, whether to study in India or go abroad. If you think about going abroad, you will immediately be assailed by doubts of whether you would be able to adjust to the new environment of a foreign country.

I was going through the same phase in my life after completing my schooling from Delhi Public School, Ruby Park, Kolkata. Ambitious and willing, I was determined to settle for nothing but the best.

I applied and was accepted to the prestigious University of Strathclyde located in Glasgow, United Kingdom. The University is well known for the quality and standard of education it provides to students coming here to study from all across the globe. The principle reason for me applying to this University was its high ranking in world standards in my preferred field of Economics and Finance.

Also, to my advantage and interest, this course gave me an opportunity to study both these subjects simultaneously, satisfying my interest of doing a joint honors degree in both subjects. The curriculum also included the Management Development Programme (MDP), a unique programme that focuses on initiating business ideas among students.

The classes are unique with many top managers and company heads coming to the class as guest lecturers — providing a chance for the students to interact and gain from the experience. The classes also focused on business presentations, market research strategies and other topics, which were practical in the business and corporate field.

After my arrival in the city of Glasgow, it wasn’t difficult adjusting to the new country. Regardless of the students belonging to different nationalities, all first year students were in the same boat and were always helpful.

The course and pattern of study here completely differs from that of Indian Universities. At Strathclyde, there is more emphasis on assessments and assignments. These are used regularly throughout the year, in contrast to Indian Universities where importance is placed on the main exams held towards the end of the semesters. The University curriculum is designed in such a way that it augments analytical thinking, and out-of-the-box ideas for any assignments and projects. Such a teaching method helped me think analytically and creatively.

I also had the opportunity to interact with students from different nations and cultures, giving me a better understanding and far greater insight of their cultures. This has helped me become a global citizen. The multicultural and diverse environment also made me independent and become flexible in terms of living with people of different nationalities and becoming more accommodating of different cultures and cuisines.

The facilities at the University Campus were amazing and I had the advantage of living within the campus. It was just a short walk to the huge library, which is considered among the best in the UK, with a vast collection of academic books and journals. There was also the Centre for Sports and Recreation, also on campus, with excellent facilities for all indoor sports. There were also many sports unions and clubs — ranging from photography to hill walking to rowing. There were many opportunities for internships in the various academic fields, with the University providing career service option for students.

Glasgow, as a city, is very vibrant and beautiful with many options of recreation. There is a lot to offer for students with many international art and music festivals happening over the year. It is also home to a variety of famous theatres and galleries. There is also the Glasgow International Jazz Festival and the famous World Pipe Band Championships held during the year.

Coming from India I didn’t feel left out as the city offers a diverse social life. The nightlife here is fantastic with many clubs and pubs in almost every part and corner of the city. Within a few hours of Glasgow, you can see the picturesque Highlands and Lochs of Scotland, which will make you fall in love with the country.

There are also many opportunities to travel in this part of the country with the option of taking part in a variety of adventure and winter sports events. There are nice locations for adventure seekers. Thus, my fun-filled university life will always stay in my memories.

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