Make a career as a paramedic

Make a career as a paramedic


The chief aim of a paramedic is to offer accelerated medical services. Sandhya Prakash gives you more details about the profession

A pharmacist’s job is to prepare, mix, or dispense drugs and medicines, prescribed by a medical practitioner.Paramedical Sciences has emerged as an important branch of medical science. It has served as a lateral aid to medical science, in terms of diagnosis and treatment of diseases. 

Paramedics can be defined as a practice in the field of medical science that deals with pre-hospital emergency services. A person working in this field is referred to as a paramedic. The chief aim of paramedics is to provide accelerated medical services. In recent years, there has been a growing need for qualified and well-trained paramedical personnel who form an integral component of the medical profession.

Study route

To enrol for a paramedical course, the minimum eligibility criteria is that the applicant should have passed 10+2 levels in the Science stream from a recognised Board/University.  The institutions and universities related to paramedical science, award certificates, diplomas and degrees.  Separate qualifications are required for separate courses. Some institutes consider merit while others conduct examinations for admission.  The duration of the course is generally for two to three years depending on whether it is a diploma course or a B.Sc degree programme.

Different courses of Paramedical Science

* Certified course in Radiographic Assistantship (CRA),
* Diploma in X-Ray Technology
* Diploma in Physiotherapy (DPT),
* Diploma in Medical Lab Technology,
* M.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology,
* B.Sc in Medical Radiography Technology,
* B.Sc in Medical Imaging Technology,
* B.Sc in Medical Radiation Technology (MRT),
* Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT),
* Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT),
* BSc-MLT (BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology).

Paramedical Courses: Specialisation and nature of work

* Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy is a branch of medical science, which is concerned with the assessment, evaluation and treatment of physical disability, pain resulting from injury, disease or other health and movement related problems. The physiotherapist with the help of exercises, massages and other electrotherapy modalities helps the patient recover and deal with his or her difficulties.

* Occupational therapy: It focuses on helping individuals with a mental or physical illness/disability to come back to normalcy. The occupational therapist uses various methods like recreational, creative and educational activities to treat patients and assist them in maximum recovery and becoming normal after a prolonged disabling illness.

* Prosthetics and Orthotics: Specifically made limb parts (prosthetics and orthotics) help rehabilitate physically handicapped individuals who have lost their limbs to accidents, genetic defects or other medical reasons. Prosthetic and orthotic professionals also spend time teaching the patients and their families on the use and maintenance of these parts.
* Audiology and Speech therapy: Audiology is the study of hearing disorders. Professionals in this career treat people who are unable to speak or hear clearly. A speech therapist uses special instruments as well as written and oral tests to determine the nature and extent of impairment and to record and analyse speech disorders and work towards improving the patient’s communication skills.

* Ophthalmic Technology/Optometry: The optometrist’s work is to provide complete vision care, and he/she does so by testing, diagnosing, designing and fitting lenses to restore proper vision. The optometrist also prescribes vision therapy eye exercise to the patient.

*Medical Laboratory Technology: The medical technologist examines and analyses body fluids, tissues, blood, microorganisms, and does chemical analyses, cell counts etc. of the human body. They collect the information needed for treating most pathology cases by sampling, testing analysing and reporting such investigations.

* Radiography: Radiographers take x-ray films of body parts so as to diagnose medical problems. X-rays help doctors diagnose diseases and suggest effective treatment.

* Pharmacy: A pharmacist’s job is to prepare, mix, or dispense drugs and medicines, ointments, powders, pills, tablets and injections on the prescription of a medical practitioner, dentist or veterinarian.

*Nursing: It is one of the most well-known paramedical professions and forms a vital part of medical care. In the hospital, from the general ward to the operation theatre, nursing is the most important component of patient care. It involves providing comfort, hygiene, administering prescribed medication for the successful recovery of the patient.
Physiotherapy, Radiography, Medical Lab Technology, Operation Theatre Assistant, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, and Nursing are courses which are in huge demand.

Career prospects

The rising trend of corporate hospitals has enhanced the demand for paramedical professionals.

A paramedic can draw job opportunities in government hospitals, private clinics and trauma centres. Such medical professionals can work as medical lab technicians, radiography technicians, radiologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and audiologists, dialysis therapists, emergency technicians, emergency care practitioners, perfusion technicians, cardiac technicians, and respiratory therapists. Besides, they can opt for high-end specialisation courses and discover umpteen opportunities in India and abroad.

These specialists have ample job opportunities in the government as well as the private sector. They can also go in for research and development work in institutional laboratories or with pharmaceutical companies.

Some institutions offering  paramedical courses

* All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi
* Delhi Institute of Paramedical Sciences, New Delhi
* Manipal College of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal
* Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Health Centre, Bangalore
* All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore
* Christian Medical College, Vellore
* St John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

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