Keep it natural

Keep it natural

Heavy make-up should be reserved for occasions only, say experts

Nothing beats natural beauty and often make-up adds to it. While heavy make-up suits special occasions like weddings and other formal night functions, it can look disastrous during daytime. Simplicity and minimalistic is the look to be donned for routine outings.

Though there can be any number of looks depending upon the occasion, there are a few basics that one can apply in routine times. Not only does a basic touch up give a natural look, but also saves on time that it might take to put on complete make-up.

Celebrity make-up artist Vidya Tikari says anything that is creamy and glossy should be avoided for no-occasion makeup. She says the makeup to be applied for for daily routine should be neither too heavy nor cream-based. “The mak-up has to be simple. Rather than compact, loose foundation should be applied if you are not going to any special function. It holds better than compact one,” advises Vidya.

Hair and make-up artist Aashmeen Munjaal differs a little with Vidya though. She says kajal, lip colour and non-transferrable foundation are basics that any woman can apply before stepping out of home. “Generally, women prefer compacts but non-transferable supple foundation has a cream base which is good for routine makeup. It gels with all kinds of skin and complexions. Matt foundation with little blush on in peach or pink colour also go well with the daily office look,” she explains.

When it comes to the eyes, kajal, mascara and eye-liner are quick to apply and they stick well for six-seven hours. Heavy eye-shadow and dramatic eye makeup should be kept for special occasions. “Of course one can go for different colours and hues of kajal and eye-liner but heavy eye makeup doesn’t give a good impression when one is going to the market or office,” says Aashmeen.

However, if one wants to go with eye-shadow everyday, a liquid one is advisable. “The eye-shadow should be liquid and mascara and eye-liner water-proof,” says Vidya.

There has to be a balance between eye and lip make-up. One of them should be toned down. Shehnaz, makeup artist at F1 Salon, says, “During daytime, if you are keeping the eye make-up dark, lip colour or lip gloss should be in a lighter shade and vice versa. Only one of them should be dark. One can go for firm golden eye shadow.”