Running pillar to post for 'Bhagylakshmi'

Running pillar to post for 'Bhagylakshmi'

Government introduced the scheme in the year 2006-07

The beneficiaries of Bhagyalakshmi scheme are running from pillar to post to get the bond as the state government has failed to credit the amount to the Life Insurance Company (LIC), which is the financial partner of the scheme.

It is a common scene to see beneficiaries walking to the office of the district women and child welfare department every day, and returning cursing the authorities. The officials too are fed up answering patiently to their queries all round the clock and assuring them to inform as soon as the bond is ready.

The bonds for the last year has not been despatched till date. In view of this, the registration process for the Bhagyalakshmi scheme for the year 2012-13 has been stalled, upsetting the beneficiaries.

The state government had introduced the scheme during the year 2006-07 and the first girl child was eligible under the scheme. However, the scheme was extended to the second child during 2008-09.

The LIC had insured Rs 19,300 for the first girl child and Rs 18,350 for the second girl, the bond which would mature into Rs one lakh after completion of 18 years.

Moreover, it had also introduced a facility where the insured child can avail a loan up to Rs 50,000 upon pledging the bond at the recognised banks for educational purposes after completing 15 years or after passing 10th standard.

The eligible beneficiaries who had prepared the relevant documents to register the names are anxious now.

BPL cards

In keeping date with the technology online registration for the scheme had begun from April last. But it is mandatory for the parents to produce BPL cards. But majority of the people below poverty line have only temporary ration cards. But, the department is not considering these as valid, thereby denying them of their benefits.

Though the public have been stressing the department of women and child welfare to issue permanent cards, there is no response.

The bonds were issued to 5,143 beneficiaries in the district in 2006-07, 5,569 in 2007-08, 6,185 in 2008-09, 5,205 in 2009-10. About 5,557 beneficiaries have been identified in the year 2010-11 but only 4,713 bonds were distributed. The rest is yet to be distributed.

In all, 4,025 have been identified in the district for the year 2011-12 and the list
submitted to the government. But the failure of the government to remit the amount even after one and a half year is the reason for the delay in issuing bonds, say the officials concerned.

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