Youth strangles father, body rots at home for 2 days

Youth strangles father, body rots at home for 2 days

Cops arrive when he tries to burn corpse

In a bizarre incident, a 19-year-old boy killed his 60-year-old father over money-related issues and tried to burn his body after keeping it in the house for two days in west Delhi, police said Thursday.

Jatin Dhiman, who cleared his class 12 this year was arrested for killing his father, Vijay Dhiman. A senior police officer said that Vijay’s ‘fault’ was that he asked his son about the expenditure of money which he received after Jatin’s mother died .

The incident came to light at 2 am on Tuesday morning when police received a call at police control room  smoke was emanating from a house located at Press Enclave in Vikas Nagar, west Delhi.

Fire officials and a police team reached the spot and broke into the flat. They saw there was fire in one of the rooms. When the flames were doused, they found the half burnt body of Vijay Dhiman wrapped in burnt clothes.

During investigation, police found that Vijay Dhiman owned the house in which he lived with his son. His wife Chandrakanta Dhiman had dies in February. They also found out that on Sunday Vijay had a heated argument with his son Jatin, who then left the house that night.

Investigators started looking for Jatin, who was missing, to inform him of the incident and to unravel the mystery. He was spotted at a brothel on GB road on Tuesday.

Police informed him about the incident and started quizzing him. At first Jatin tried to divert the investigation but later broke down during interrogation. He told police that his mother worked in an ordnance factory. After her death he received Rs 5,87,000 from her office.

Beat father

On Sunday, Jatin’s father asked about the money, a scuffle broke out between the two. Jatin beat up his father and later strangled. After that, he left the body in the house and locked it from outside.

Two days later, when he returned, he felt the stench from Vijay’s body. To escape arrest, he poured kerosene on the body and set it on fire and left the house, the officer said.
Jatin has been charged for murder.

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