Counsel steps down, new official to probe illegal Jama Masjid construction

Counsel steps down, new official to probe illegal Jama Masjid construction

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday appointed a new court commissioner to probe the alleged illegal construction inside the historic Jama Masjid complex here.

Justice Rajiv Shakdher appointed lawyer Saqib as new court commissioner, following a request by city government's counsel Najimi Waziri earlier that he be excused from the assignment.

The court also asked lawyer Saqib to visit the Jama Masjid site to verify allegations that Shahi Imam with his other brothers were illegally encroaching sites inside the mosque premises.

The court also asked the new court commissioner to file his status report within two weeks and posted the matter for December 18 for hearing.

While appointing Saqib as court commissioner, Justice Shakdher said in his order, “Advocate Najimi Waziri expressed personal difficulties in continuing as the court commissioner.

Accordingly, Saqib is going to be the court commissioner, necessary assistance would be given to him by the police. Status report would be filed in two weeks.”

The court had earlier ordered demolition of the structures, if found illegal by the committee appointed by it.

Petitioner Suhail Ahmed Khan had alleged that Bukhari with his brothers had started illegal construction and encroached upon a government land adjacent to historical Jama Masjid.

Petitioner asked the court to restrain accused rom an ongoing illegal construction.