Doing their bit for the environment

Doing their bit for the environment

Doing their bit for the environment

The PESIT South Campus turned green recently — the students of the MCA department spread the message of environment consciousness among the faculty and students. They did this by organising Paryavaran 2012.

 “The idea was to bring about a change in the outlook of the people towards their
surroundings,” says Ashwini, a MCA student.

The programme started with various off-stage events, such as pencil-sketching, collage and movie-making, word-building and debate. The events received an overwhelming response from students of various departments, who came to participate in large numbers.

Akshay Heblikar, the director of an environmental NGO and the chief guest at the event, spoke about how students should grow more passionate about protecting the environment.

The programme continued with a skit, which was presented by the third-semester students. They highlighted the dangers that prevail in society today. “We also had a debate on the topic ‘Nuclear Reactor – A boon or bane’.

It was a highly-contested event, with the teams being vociferous about their ideas,“ says Amritha K, a fifth-semester student. Games like dumb charades and word-building were held, again based on the theme Paryavaran. A few students of the third and fifth semesters sang some songs based on this topic.

Next up was a dance performance by the students of the third semester, which portrayed the beauty and essence of nature. A street play was put up to highlight the ways in which nature can be saved. It was not just the students who actively took part in the various events — even the teachers showed their enthusiasm and a member of the faculty, A Lekha, performed a classical dance number on Maha Ganapathim and enthralled the audience.

They divided themselves into groups and went around the campus, trying to remove plastic bags. The coordinators and faculty members also planted a few saplings around the campus, in order to increase its green cover.