Rare books on display

Rare books on display

As many as 5,000 rare books were put on sale at the Lady Jehangir Kothari Memorial Hall on Queen’s Road on Wednesday.

Some of the books belong to the Colonial period and a few even earlier. The books range from  an insider’s account of the KGB to works of Rabindranath Tagore and encyclopaedia on the history of the world.

The exhibition, organised by Select Book Shop, will be on till Sunday. Speaking to Deccan Herald, owner of the book shop K Sanjay said the event would be held once in three months from now on.

“Our book shop was established by my father in 1945 in the city. Many in the collection belong to that period.

The oldest of the books here are from the 16th century,” he said, adding that the exhibition was an effort to encourage people to read more.

The carefully preserved books, which would cost thousands of rupees in any book store, were sold at discount rates here, he said.