Undergo surgery sans scars

Undergo surgery sans scars

Technology has made our lives simple and in turn increased our dependency on them too. Now science and technology is doing what humankind would have never thought of.

Every other day we get to know new technologies are coming up. The latest in line are the scar-less weight loss surgeries. Can anybody think of a scar-less surgery? Apparently, it is possible now.

Scar-less weight loss surgery – with its obvious attraction has become a popular choice in the age group 20-30 years rather recently. Scar-less or single incision surgery is a technique where the scar gets concealed in the umbilicus (naval).

Doctors say that women are more keen to get this surgery done. “This procedure has gained popularity among young adult women. The incision is carried out through the belly button and helps reduce the size of the stomach by stapling it,” says Dr Tarun Mittal, consultant and obesity surgeon in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. This is totally a scar-less surgery where the patient eats less as the size of the stomach is reduced. It helps in less intake of food and calories, which in turn helps to reduce weight. Within the first month of the surgery more than half of the unwanted fat is reduced and after three months the body loses almost all of the unwanted fat. Personality change is the most immediate after-effect as people become more confident after shedding that extra weight,” adds Dr Mittal.

Doctors believe that lately weight-loss surgeries have become essential in times like today. “Obesity has become a global epidemic and more so in the adolescent population. More and more children in India are getting obese.”

The surgery which costs anything between 2.5 lakh-3.5 lakh has a success rate of nearly 100 per cent. The process is dependant on the Body Mass Index (calculation of fat in a body based on an individual’s weight and height). The normal BMI is usually more than 37.5 where the person has no medical issue and 32.5 for an individual who has medical problems. But these are averages only and each person’s BMI is distinct.

Although docs insist that complications are almost nil after the surgery, sometimes vomiting and internal bleeding have occurred. “Risks from the surgical process are negligible and subject to clinical condition of the patient. But, loosening of skin is bound to happen and at times skin correction is needed thereafter,” says Rohit Batra, dermatologist and surgeon.

Doctors add that patients can resume work in 10-14 days post surgery. The duration of the surgery itself can vary from 5-10 hours. There are no complications but for the first two or three days doctors recommend taking multi-vitamins in case of deficiency.