The less-known agony of village near Mandur

The less-known agony of village near Mandur

The residents of Kollathahalli have had to pay the price for being the neighbours of Mandur, where BBMP’s landfills are located.

The village has had to bear the brunt whenever there was unrest in Mandur over garbage being dumped there.

Kollathahalli also has had to contend with environmental problems, because of the agitations at the landfill.

Village residents said whenever garbage was prevented from being unloaded in the Mandur landfill, the contractors found it convenient to dump the waste at secluded fields around Kollathahalli.

The village is home to about 50 families. Residents said their inability to take on the mighty contractors' lobby has left the village with an intolerable stink.

They were also, however, quick to point out that the bad smell is the least of their worries.

Dogs feast

On Thursday, a pack of nearly two dozen dogs were seen feasting on garbage at an isolated place at Kollathahalli.

Villagers suspect that the dogs migrated to the village from elsewhere, most likely from Mandur. When villagers attempted to drive the animals away, they turned ferocious, forcing many of the villagers to withdraw.

“The Palike’s garbage has come in several hundred trucks from Mandur, but its Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme to check the stray dog menace has not been implemented here,” said a resident, who feared that the dogs would thrive.

Threat to livestock

Anjanappa, a villager, said that the dogs posed a big challenge for local livestock and children.

He was also afraid that the enduring waste in the area could lead to the outbreak of an epidemic in the area.

“The contractors burnt the garbage heap when some villagers protested against the dumping of waste in our village and threatened to call the police,” he said.

Anjanappa claimed that for most villagers the day begins by inhaling smoke fromthe burning garbage heaps at many places around the village.

The garbage dumped on the outskirts of the village includes hazardous medical waste and plastic.

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