Words are important

Words are important

Hobby Club

COMPETITIVE: A tournament in progress.

Rex has been fond of scrabble since childhood. “We used to play scrabble at a time when there were no computer games,” he says. “In 1998, I heard about a scrabble competition being held in Hyderabad. I fancied myself as a good player. So I went there to participate but didn’t fare that well. However, that was my first entry into competitive scrabble and I decided to bring the game to Bangalore.” Gradually, Rex and his wife Lennie, gathered a few other scrabble enthusiasts to form the club.

A member for ten years now, Radhika came to know about the club after reading about one of the tournaments. “I am from a small town and my mother always encouraged us to play word games like scrabble. So we would check up the dictionary and learn new words,” she says. Radhika feels that despite being from different backgrounds, scrabble is one thing that binds the club members together. “We would do anything for scrabble,” she laughs.

Sanjoy, who has been a part of the club for almost seven years, used to play scrabble in Kolkata. After shifting to Bangalore, he came across the Bangalore Scrabble Club on the Internet. “All parents encourage their children to play scrabble to make them learn new words. But the game doesn’t sustain the interest of the teenagers. However, a few people, like me, come back to it,” he states. 

The members note that playing a game of scrabble at home is completely different from playing a tournament. “Winning is not important when you are playing the game at home. Besides, at home, there are at least three or four people playing the game,” says Sanjoy.

“But in a tournament, it’s a one-on-one game so you have to strategise and maximise your opportunities of winning,” he adds.

Agrees Radhika, “When you play the game at home, you are relaxed and enjoy yourself.” Rex adds, “Though there is an element of luck in the tiles you pick up, the game also involves logical thinking and strategy.”

All the members spend at least a few minutes a day playing their favourite game. “My friends and I always meet on holidays to play a game of scrabble,” says Rex, who also enjoys playing scrabble with his wife Lennie. “She has become superior to me these days,” he laughs. Sanjoy has to play scrabble for at least half an hour everyday. “I have to end my day playing the game online for at least half an hour,” he says.

The Bangalore Scrabble Club has put the City on the “international scrabble map” according to Rex. “As a club, we wish to willingly promote the game,” he says.
The club is open to all and one has to pay a nominal fee to be a part of it.

The scrabble sessions are held every Saturday from 3.30 to 8.30 pm in the Millenia Building, near Ulsoor Lake and visitors are required to get a badge at the gate.
For details, visit www.bangalorescrabble.com