Advani pips gritty Kothari for crown

Advani pips gritty Kothari for crown

Pankaj Advani

Advani lost the first frame 28-111 with Kothari scoring a break of 102, but the Bangalorean won the next three frames 81-16, 78-1, 84-8 to take comfortable 3-1 lead.

Kothari rallied to take the fifth frame 78-11, but Advani bounced back, winning the next two frames 102-35, 152-0 to lead 5-2. Kothari reduced the lead to 5-3 winning the next frame 98-0. But Advani did not allow his opponent any leeway in the ninth frame, bagging it and the title 98-0.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra cueist Meenal Thakur survived some anxious moments before beating holder Vidya Pillai to clinch the title in the ladies category. The 30-year-old Meenal took two hours and 20 minutes to defeat Pillai of Tamil Nadu 75-42, 32-68, 56-50, 70-37.
In the fight for third position, Anuja Chandra of PSPB got the third position by beating Aranxta Sanchez of Maharashtra 71-13, 82-26.

Resuts: All final: Snooker: Men: Pankaj Advani bt Sourav Kothari: 6-3 ( 28-111, 81-16, 78-1, 84-8, 11-78, 102-35, 152-0, 0-98, 98-0).

Women: Meenal Thakur bt Vidya Pillai 3-1 (75-42, 32-68, 56-50, 70-37).