Grand procession marks end of Madikeri Dasara

Grand procession marks end of Madikeri Dasara

The entire city was illuminated for the grand finale

Madikeri Dasara celebrations concluded with the grand procession of Dasha mantapas on Wednesday night. The celebrations culminated with the pooja at the Banni mantapa at Mahadevpet.

A large number of people, who had arrived from across the district and outside, participated in the procession. The public watched the procession of Karaga of Shakthi Devathas with devotion.

The entire city was illuminated for the grand finale. Post office, BSNL and police station buildings and temples of the four Shakthi Devathas were decorated for the occasion.
The mantapas depicted mythological stories.

Depending on the story, the tableaux, sound and lighting effect, the judges adjudged the best mantapas. The tableaux were taken out in a procession in the mainstreets at private bus shelter, in front of Basaveshwara temple, KSRTC bus shelter, Bata main road, Indiragandhi Circle, in front of police station, Anand Bakery and at Town Hall.

The police had made elaborate arrangements. In fact, CCTV cameras were installed at six places, to keep a watch on the movement of the people.

Mantapas were restricted in two tractors. Sound and light experts from Bangalore, Mangalore and Mysore were hired by the Dasha Mantapa committees to make the mantapas look attractive. Laser effect on the Dasha Mantapa was another attraction. 

The mantapa of Kote Mahaganapathy temple had depicted ‘Ganapathi Gajamukhanada kathana,’ Sri Kanchikamakshi temple had highligted on ‘Manikantana mahime,’ Pete Sri Rama Mandira on ‘Veerajaneya darshana,’ Sri Kote Mariamma temple —’Andhakasurana vadhe,’ Dechoor Sri Rama Mandira temple committee— ‘Parashuramaninda Karthyaveeryarjunana samhara,’ Sri Chowdeshwari temple— ‘Saptha mathrike killing Daarigasura,’ Sri Dandina Mariamma temple— ‘Seethapaharana,’ Sri Karavale Bhagavathi Mahisha mardini temple — ‘Shumba-Nishumbhara samhara,’ Sri Kodanda Rama temple— ‘Moshikasurana vadhe’ and Kundurumotte Sri Chowti Mariamma temple— ‘Andasurana vadhe.’