Kejriwal practising politics of 'hit and run': Pilot

Kejriwal practising politics of 'hit and run': Pilot

Union minister Sachin Pilot today hit out at social activist Arvind Kejriwal, accusing him of practising politics of "hit and run" by carrying out campaigns against "anyone and everyone" in politics through the media.

"His (Kejriwal's) style of politics is hit and run politics -- to raise issues, level allegations on anyone, convict him or her in the media and calling for a punishment, and (then) catch hold of new persons," Pilot said here.

Pilot, who was speaking on the sidelines of inauguration of a post office at Jammu university, alleged that the activist-turned-politician has started politics on negative agenda by levelling allegations on anyone and everyone.

Stating that such campaigns lower the dignity of politics, Pilot advised Kejriwal to move to court with "facts, figures, proofs and evidence" to get those involved in corruption punished. "There should be punishment to those involved. There is no question of defending anyone," he said.

Taking a jibe at the activist turning to politics after launching public campaigns, Pilot said Kejriwal "revealed" his political ambitions after his movement launched with Anna Hazare "disintegrated".

"If Kejriwal is honest, he should have replied the questions raised by Digvijay Singh, but he has not replied even one of them. Let him reply," he said.
Pilot also advised Kejriwal to have faith in constitutional institutions.