Law reforms institute launches its portal

Law reforms institute launches its portal

 The Karnataka Institute for Law and Parliamentary Reforms (KILPAR), an arm of the State Government, on Thursday launched its website, both in English and Kannada.

KILPAR was set up with an intention to undertake a periodic review of existing laws and suggest suitable amendments wherever necessary.

Justice V S Malimath, Chairperson of Karnataka Law Commission remarked that it has now become fashionable to violate law, and added that there are some judges who come late to the court.

“Those who do not come in time, do not believe in the law of land,” he said.
Speaking about the lack of awareness among the people, Malimath said persons who frame law should not restrict themselves just to framing laws. Instead, they mus take the onus of making people aware of the laws.

The law documentaries ‘Namma Shakti’, ‘Nela Nammadu Jala Nammadu’ and specific programmes in the form of DVDs ‘Kanoonu Kannada’ and ‘Kanoonu Katte’ were also officially released.

These DVDs and documentaries will be distributed among the 6,000 gram panchayats to be played in villages to educate people of the law.