'Directing Uppi will be good fun'

'Directing Uppi will be good fun'

'Directing Uppi will be good fun'

The director in Ramesh Aravind may be taking a sabbatical at the moment but the actor inside him is on the roll.

With back-to back films  in the making, the extremely busy Ramesh Aravind tells Metrolife that this is the way he likes it. “When work is a passion, it never feels like work,” he states.

Having completed a thriller called Thunthuru, the actor is now working in a comedy, which is tentatively titled Mangana Kaiyalli Manikya. Directed by Rajendra Karanth, the movie promises to be a complete entertainer. The actor adds that he is really looking forward to doing this film as it is a character that is quite unlike him.

“This guy is always tensed. It’s almost like he is waiting to get tensed about everything and anything. It’s a highly performance-oriented role,” he says. Ask him why the sudden obsession with comedy and he immediately states, “I realised that I am doing more of comedies which is exactly why I took a break and did a movie like Thunthuru. It’s a complete thriller and I can’t wait for the audience to check it out,” he adds.

Soon, Ramesh will be back in the director’s seat. And in a big way by directing none other than ‘Real Star’ Upendra. Both the artistes are known to approach film-making in different ways, so this combination will be one to watch out for.

“This is exactly why it will be different. We are poles apart when it comes to film-making. But directing Uppi will be good fun. The movie is called ‘Super Kick’ and will be produced by K Manju. We are yet to have the discussions. Since both of us are busy with other projects, it hasn’t happened yet,” he says.

Rumour has it that Ramesh will soon be part of the comeback series of Kothigalu Sar Kothigalu. The comedy series, that is popularly known as the ‘Sir’ series, is said to have lead actors Ramesh Aravind, S Narayan and Mohan.

However, the actor remains mum on the topic. A source says that the movie may even go on floors before ‘Super Kick’ itself.

“Discussions are on but nothing is confirmed yet,” he adds.
Looks like there is a lot to expect from the actor this season.