RTO officials arrested in Bijapur

RTO officials arrested in Bijapur

 Lokayukta police on Friday arrested four persons, two of them officials of the regional transport office (RTO), for allegedly collecting bribe at a checkpost in Zalki and seized Rs two lakh in cash.

Nityanand Govindraya Hittalamaki and Vasudev Janardhan, the RTO inspectors, Anilkumar Gajakosha, a sweeper, and Latif Sarkole, an agent, are the arrested.

The team led by Lokayukta SP D S Jagamayya raided the checkpost where the sweeper and the agent allegedly collected bribe from drivers and owners of vehicles at the behest of RTO officials.

They had stashed away the cash, Rs 2.70 lakh at the quarters of the Public Works Department employees.

On record, the collection at the checkpost was Rs 88,484, Lokayukta police said.