Looking at the organic world

Looking at the organic world

Going Green

Hasiru Outhana, a green exhibition to promote organic farming, was held at Suchitra Film Academy recently.

Healthy: An exhibition to promote organic products.

The exhibition had on display a fine blend of organic delicacies, medicinal plants and more. A live folk performance was one of the highlights of the event.

The aim of the exhibition was to create awareness among the public to use organic products on a larger scale.

Srikanth Prasad, an organising member of the exhibition, says, “The ill-effects of chemical farming should be made known to the public.

The chemicals applied on plants will be transferred to human beings as well as we are its direct consumers. Organic farming is a healthy practice. We have to create a demand for organic products by popularising them.

   Once the demand increases, there will be bulk production, which will reduce the rates of the products. This exhibition is an attempt to bring in that change.”

Various medicinal plants were displayed and kept for sale at the venue.

The plants were sold for reasonable rates ranging from Rs 30 to Rs 50.

Anjali, who had come to see the exhibition, says, “I love this exhibition as there are so many good items here.

I just bought this Brahmi plant; it is very good for increasing memory power. I also bought the Basmati plant as its leaves can be cooked along with regular rice to get the Basmati flavour.”

Mouthwatering ragi, whole wheat bread and cupcakes were also on sale.

Sneha, a child, says, “I love these cupcakes though they are a little different from the regular ones I have. They are delicious and I am taking home five packets of these. My dad would not stop me from eating these as he knows these are healthy.”

Gayathri, owner of a stall with Warli paintings, informs, “Warli painting is primarily used for decorating the house. It is done on pots using limestone.” These paintings are beautiful and many customers were excited to buy these.

One of the popular stalls at the exhibition sold plants for terrace gardening.

 Sahil, a customer, says, “I loved the idea of having a stall for terrace gardening. I bought mint, Indian spinach and ladies’ finger plants.

Moreover, the stalls are also selling manure, which is made out of dry leaves that were composted for six months’ time. I think exhibitions, such as these, should be frequently held to educate people.”

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