The future of technology is here

The future of technology is here

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The future of technology is here

Belt your seat and drive in a battery operated car (which reaches a speed of 0 to 100 mph in just 11 seconds), to reach your office.

Then park your car on the office terrace from where it will be hired out for sometime, and the rent will reach your bank account by the time you are back to drive it.

If air travel is on the schedule then don’t worry about reaching any destination on Earth - for it is for sure that you will be able to make that journey, in under three hours! Welcome to the future of technology that showcased in real time today at the Indo-German Urban Mela, at Indraprastha Park.

If you find all this difficult to believe, pay a visit to the ongoing mela and find interestingly designed 16 marvellous pavilions which are a storehouse of advanced technology. Technology which is capable of making our future hassle-free by reducing distances and increasing speed of travel.

All this, while maintaining the ecological balance and the need to reduce global pollution. Does sound to good to be true, right?

It almost sounds like a futuristic film but the technology they say has it all to create a demand for itself in future. Take for instance, the Volkswagen pavilion which is showcasing its working prototype of Nils, a battery-operated car which aims to reduce pollution and provide a valuable alternative to fuel. Adhish Alawani, of Volkswagen Group India shares, “Our group is targetting at reducing the overall impact of CO2 emissions on environment by 25 per cent by 2018.”

Thus, “There are e-cars being introduced across 12 brands of Volkswagen including Skoda and Audi. Some already have their working prototypes whereas the rest are being experimented upon.” The pavilion also has a model of Micro City which provides mobility solutions for the challenges of increasing urbanisation with alternative drive concepts.

It isn’t just the invention in cars, you could also update yourself about tyres at Lanxess. The company focuses on sustainable development for future and boasts of striving to make urban living more comfortable, healthy and safe. This section of the mela has interactive games which make the visitors aware about techniques for purifying water and other solutions for sustainable urbanisation.

If that is too heavy duty, move to the Airbus pavilion which offers a glimpse into the future of aviation. An animated short film screening in this pavilion has become quite an attraction among visitors of all age groups for it shows what air transport could look like in 2050 with planes reducing to a considerable size for preservation and planes landing into bigger planes while the latter is in flight.

Meanwhile, keep a look out for numerous cultural programmes happening all day long. Make sure you reach the venue between 10 am -10 pm before November 4.

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