The golden principle

The character of a person is known from his conversations. Hence, we must be very careful about our thoughts, words and deeds.

However, when we are caught in an unusual situation, where the opposite person is getting angry and violent at us, the best thing to do under such a situation is to steer clear and move away from the scene.

Never mind if people think you are a coward. It is better to sort out things later when both parties are calm. Because, bottling up anger is bad for our own system and can even lead to strokes or heart attacks.

Hence, the moment one feels he is getting angry, one needs to keep quiet. Go for a walk or do meditation or get engrossed in writing out one’s feelings of anger without showing it to anyone. This would help let off steam harmlessly.

In the past, there was a joint family structure where the roles of each member were clearly defined by religious norms and socially sanctioned customs and traditions, due to which there was a kind of emotional security felt by everyone.

Thus, whenever any dispute or conflict occurred, the same was generally resolved in the family circle or in the village by elders.

But now, the joint family structure has given place to a nuclear structure, resulting in confusion about each one’s duties in the changed social setup, leading to a great deal of challenge for providing a harmonious environment for children and youth.

In such a scenario, the only way out is to follow the golden principle of ‘Speak Less, Speak Sweetly and Speak Thoughtfully’ to lead a happy life without tensions and worries.

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