Time to eat firecrackers

Time to eat firecrackers

Time to eat firecrackers

Chocolates make for a perfect Diwali gift. But what if they come in the shape of your favourite firecrackers? Making optimum utilistaion of the festive season, Choko la, a chocolate boutique, has introduced a collection of mouth-watering chocolates in the shape of firecrackers like anaar (flower pot), rocket, sparklers and a patakha ladi.

The collection includes Choko sparkles: edible chocolate sparklers made with pretzel sticks and sultry dark chocolate; Choko blast: chocolate fudge in dark chocolate; Rocket rose: pure indulgence of dark sultry roses and Choko anaar; traditional Indian shape of flowerpot filled with crunchiness of rice krispies moulded in dark chocolates.

Packaged in retro-styled firecrackers boxes, these mock firecracker-themed chocolates make for an ideal gift.

The collection embodies the spirit for Diwali without using firecrackers yet capturing the essence of the festival.

Ravi Pahuja, chief operating officer, Choko la, says, “The idea was to spread festivity and stay true to the essence of Diwali.

“The decision was to create something classic and take inspiration from boxes of firecrackers found on the streets of India. These chocolates are a unique way of celebrating Diwali without really lighting firecrackers.”

This festive season, one can also welcome the guests with chocolates inspired by traditional Indian sweets like barfi and gulab jamun and bite size ice-cream immersed in chocolate.

Haagen-Dazs, an international ice-cream brand, has come up with Festive Delights collection. It is a contemporary and creative transformation of the traditional mithais. Be it barfi inspired vanilla, chocolate and macadamia nut or gulab jamun inspired Belgian chocolate, these desserts are a mix of old and new.

Bite sized ice-cream desserts made from fine ingredients and immersed in chocolate, the Petite collection is made in a host of flavours from all-time favourite vanilla to sinful Belgian chocolate.

“Their tastes are absolutely exuberant in flavour and experience as they are created with the slow melting luscious Haagen Dazs Ice creams. The gulab juman is made from popular Belgium chocolate ice cream coated with rich dark chocolate. The ladoo is prepared with the tantalising mango and passion fruit flavours which are covered with white chocolate.
Each of them is hand crafted with great care by our chefs adorning special skills,”  says Arindam Haldar, Director - Premium Foods at General Mills India.