The right kind of food

The right kind of food

The right kind of food

Today, the kind of food that one eats plays an imperative role in a person’s life. But despite this, many are not aware of how to make a wise choice when it comes to diet.

Nutritionist and educationist Naini Setalvad threw light on the importance of eating prunes and revealed some startling facts about food intake today at a nutrition seminar, organised by International Prune Association recently.

“It is great that so many people have come for the seminar. Life today is very rushed — and this fast lifestyle often causes stress. Do you know that there are some foods that can calm you and some that excite you? The first thing you should do is throw away stress from your life,” advised Naini.

Highlighting the benefit of prunes, she said that they are excellent for preventing cancer and can prove helpful in curbing high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.

“We should pay more attention to the food that we eat and give enough time for our body to relax. These two things have become very low on our priority list. I was 120 kilos when I was a teenager and had to go through many surgeries. I had no hormonal imbalance and yet was gaining weight. Finally, we found out that the problem was my food intake — what I was eating was only fat and whites, which made me gain more weight,” she informed.

These days, nutrition deficiencies have become alarmingly common — especially of vitamins B12 and D3.

“A person with low vitamin D3 requires sunlight but today, our lifestyle does not allow us to get any sunlight. Oily fish is a good way to increase the D3 count in the body. Low D3 leads to a host of diseases like osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases,” explained Naini.

She added that it is always better to mix things like turmeric, honey and saffron in milk so that there is no mucus formation in the body. She kept the interaction lively by frequently questioning the audience about the kind of food they eat.

“Some of the things she said were eye-openers and I will try and follow them. I feel aware about so many things and I will surely pass on the message to my friends and relatives,” said Deepa Narayan, who attended the seminar.