Celebration of light

Celebration of light


Celebration of light

Use a combination of candles, lamps and lanterns in a creative way to light up your home this Deepavali. Navita Singh offers tips on how to go about it.

“To love beauty is to see light”, said Victor Hugo, the renowned French poet, novelist, and dramatist. The festival of lights is round the corner. It is time to light up your home to add that special brightness. Decorative lighting is an integral part of Deepavali festivities.

There are many exciting options ranging from lamps and candles to lanterns and decorative lights. Try something new by giving a free flight to your imagination. Lamps, candles, lanterns and decorative lights form an integral part of this festival.

Lights everywhere

Lamps are the hallmark of Deepavali. The word literally means a row of lamps or lamps. From time immemorial, lamps have formed an essential element of Deepavali decor. The good old earthen lamps are economical as well as eco-friendly. They are usually sold in single pieces but you could pick up a multi-lamp arrangement that could become an attractive element in your home. You could give a few lamps your unique touch by painting them and embellishing them with glitter, sequins and mirrors. You can also display your creativity by moulding lamps in a variety of shapes. Lamps enhance the beauty of the rangolis manifold. It is not necessary to arrange them in rows. Try out interesting arrangements to adorn the entrance of your home or enliven a quiet corner or deck up a window sill. Lamps look beautiful in niches and alcoves due to an interesting contrast of light and shadow. Oil and wicks are necessary for these lamps. Mustard oil is usually used but there are some who prefer pure ghee. They burn for a longer time than candles and do not leave any waxy mess behind. The only disadvantage is that they tend to leave an oil stain behind. But this oil stain can be avoided by using a tray to keep the lamps. The other alternative is to use metal lamps that can be bought once and reused every year. This is also the time to bring out your traditional brass and silver lamps. Apart from lamps, even candles can be used.  

Candles add a touch of elegance to any space. They are a more convenient option in
comparison to lamps as they require no preparation. They are available in a large variety of shapes, colours and sizes. You can select them according to the look and the ambience you want. Mix and match them to make an interesting composition. Beautiful candle stands lend glamour especially to formal spaces like living and dining rooms. There are candles made from coloured gel set in glass containers that look exquisite when light glows through them. You could create a setting for the candles by placing some plants, flowers, shells or idols near them. Use mirrors to reflect the soft candlelight for a dramatic effect. Scented candles fill the atmosphere with a pleasant fragrance.

Floating candles result in a magical shimmering effect when their flickering flames are reflected in the water. Fill a shallow earthen or metal vessel with water and add a few flowers to enhance the beauty of these candles. Lamps and candles can be employed to illuminate both interior and exterior spaces. For a greater impact, put them at different levels like the floor, steps, window sills, balconies and terraces. In case they are being used inside the home it is important to make sure there is ample natural ventilation to prevent the interiors from becoming smoky. Lanterns are also a good option and add charm to the atmosphere.

Lanterns create an ethereal atmosphere with their warm translucent glow. A wide array of lanterns is available in the market. Traditional paper lanterns impart an ethnic flavour to any space. Beautiful fabric lanterns with applique work and mirrors can be hung at the entrance to your home or in balconies. Other modern designs blend well with contemporary interiors. Use your imagination to make your own paper lanterns with craft papers of different colours and textures. For lanterns, arrangements have to be made for fixing electric bulbs and suspending them. Search for glass or metal lanterns that can hold candles since these can be hung or kept anywhere as they do not require an electrical connection. Most of the lanterns are easy to store as they are collapsible. You can keep them away after the festival and bring them out the next year.

Even decorative electric lights are used in many homes. They have become quite a rage these days. They are available in a wide variety ranging from delicate Christmas lights to chunky rope lights. They can instantly brighten up and bring cheer to any space. Decorate any door, window, balcony, wall or landscape with their help. Trees and bushes lit by these lights look dazzling. They offer numerous options of decorating any interior or exterior space. Swag them on your doors and windows, wrap them around columns and trees, swirl them around railings and balustrades, dangle them from your balconies and terraces or use them to outline your pathways and steps. Create a collection of these over time and store them in boxes or cartons so that they can be used in the next festival.

Safety is of paramount concern, so all preventive steps should be taken to avoid any accidents that may dampen the festive mood. There should be no inflammable materials near candles or lamps. If they are being used inside the home, ensure that there are no drapes nearby. Also do not leave candles and lamps burning inside the home if you are going to lock up the house. If you are using electric lanterns or lights, make sure that the electrical connections are safe and no shock or short circuit occurs. Avoid any loose wires on the floor since they may cause people to trip. The main aim of using these lights is to shine and sparkle. So the level of general lighting should be low to allow these lights to stand out. Use a combination of lights creatively to deck up your home in an elegant and artistic fashion. With such a beautifully lit up home be prepared for many a compliment coming your way.

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