Face to face with danger

Face to face with danger

Face to face with danger

Electricity can be a boon or a bane depending on the way it is channelled. Unfortunately, some of the electric poles in the City are not properly enclosed and there is always a danger lurking in some corner or other.

One can see wires hanging out, which can easily catch fire and jeopardise many lives.
Smitha, a professional, says, “I stay in ISRO layout and opposite my house, there are two electric poles that look really dangerous with the wires hanging out. When it rains, one can see sparks. But nothing very dangerous has occurred yet. However, I have to admit that I have not actually complained about it. Maybe I will do so soon.”

The poles connected to streetlights are managed and maintained by the BBMP.  But if the electric lines are too close to houses or if the wires are old and hanging, then, the complaint should be addressed to BESCOM.

BESCOM, as a safety measure, is installing Aerial Bunched Cables (ABC), where the lines are bunched and insulated. It is a safe practice as it helps in reducing the danger. 

P Mannivanan, managing director, BESCOM, says, “This project is only applicable to conductors owned and maintained by BESCOM.  We have already called for tenders and are in the process of converting conductors of 11 KV to insulated conductors. The project is under consideration by the board and after it is approved, necessary action will be taken.”

Chandana, a student, says, “I live in Banaswadi. There are wires hanging from electric poles and cables jutting out from the ground. An area close to my house, was dug two weeks ago and has not been closed since. If it rains heavily, I am afraid that the situation will turn worse.”

“Until now, no untoward incident has happened. But, the department concerned should be careful not to let areas like that remain open for a long time,” adds Chandana.
S S Kadre, public relations officer, BBMP says that complaints to BBMP should be only those that are related to streetlight electric poles.

He says, “We take care of the electric poles that are only connected to streetlights. If there is any problem on this issue, one can call the BBMP control room and lodge a complaint.”