Be the guiding light

Be the guiding light

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The significance of career counselling has increased tremendously  over the years. Those who don’t go beyond traditional careers sometimes lose out on great opportunities. This is where a career counsellor steps in. A career counsellor  helps people understand and explore their interests and passion through a battery of scientific tests.


To carve a niche in this field, a Master’s degree in Psychology or Guidance & Counselling is essential. You can then seek employment in counselling firms or work as a freelance counsellor.

Career counsellors should be good listeners. “Counsellors must be people-oriented. The competency of a counsellor lies in understanding a person’s deeper dimension,” says Usha Goyal, a Bangalore-based freelance career counsellor. “A counsellor is successful when he/she bridges the gap between a person’s aspirations and abilities,” she adds.

Sumitra Sawant, a Mumbai-based education and career consultant, says, “Career counsellors should be patient with  people. They must keep pace with the latest trends in the career landscape.” Emotional maturity and an ability to put things in perspective are also important skills.

Work profile

It is a career counsellor’s responsibility to identify a person’s potential and lead him/ her to explore possible career options, along with imparting information about courses, institutes and admission procedures. This can be achieved by:

* Consultation

* Adminstering a battery of tests (psychometric tests such as personality, interest and ability tests)

* Scoring and interpretation of test results, and development of reports with recommendations

* Feedback sessions

Counsellors need  to be self motivated and positive. During counselling sessions, different techniques and  tests are used as each person is unique. A few of the tests that are given are Aptitude tests, Education tests, Interest tests and Resume tests. A counsellor should be able to adminster these tests and intrepret them.

Shailaja Mulay says, “Counselling should help the youngster become somebody and not remain a mere anybody.”  The challenge is in convincing and getting people to pursue careers that suit their abilities and interests.

Swati Salunke, a career counsellor in Mumbai, says the ‘Aha!' moments in this profession are when students come back to her with their success stories.  Counsellors are often called upon to help people through a mid-career crisis. They also help individuals re-fashion their careers to avoid stagnation and monotony. Career counselling is a splendid career option for those who are passionate about guiding people towards the right career.