Unsafe after sunset

Bangalore, being the garden city, has its fair share of parks and green spaces — but are they safe to visit at night? Metrolife speaks to a few Bangaloreans to find out whether they feel the City’s parks and gardens are well-lit after dark.

A view of Bugle Rock Park.

While many say that some areas of the City have very well-lit parks, others note that there are a few sprawling green spaces that have no lights.

Tiyasha, who is a regular visitor at the National Games Village Park, points out that there is one stadium light in the entire park and it is placed so high that it hardly illuminates the area.

“The park is huge and there are several entry and exit points. In the evening, the only source of light is the moonlight. It is difficult to navigate and take a walk,” she says.
People tend to get confused in parks which have several entrances, which is why good lighting becomes all the more important.

 “Some parks have many entry and exit points and for a person who is new to the park, it becomes very difficult to read signboards and figure out directions. I don’t understand why they can’t put some lights near the entry and exit points — that would be enough,” points out Sunil, a professional. Women feel it is important for the parks in the City to have lights, so that nefarious activities don’t take place and they feel safe in them.

“These parks are meant for all and everyone should be able to enjoy the amenities. However, if basics such as lights are absent, they become unsafe for women. We prefer not to visit the parks after dark. Generally, parks which don’t have lights become a hub for all kinds of illegal activities. The parks in my colony are completely dark at night and even if we want to go and sit there to enjoy the breeze with family after dinner, we cannot. We doubt it would be safe,” says Vijayalakshmi, a resident of Basavanagudi.

Many point out that even some of the most prominent parks in the City are not well lit.
“Look at Cubbon Park at 7 pm. I don’t think any woman would feel comfortable taking a walk there, even on the pathways. Many other parks like the Bugle Rock Park are great to visit in the afternoon but I wouldn’t want to go there after dark,” adds Vijayalakshmi.

Bangaloreans demand that more lights be installed in the parks so that the experience can be enjoyed after dark as well. Some suggest that solar lights can be installed in the parks, as they are environment friendly.

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