Wicker ideas

Wicker ideas

Wicker ideas

The word wicker is derived from the Irish name Wicker. In ancient times, its popularity spread from Egypt to Rome. Later, during the 1800s, it became immensely popular in Europe and North America. It was used in outdoor as well as indoor spaces. During the Victorian era, a belief ran among people that wicker furniture was more sanitary than upholstered furniture.

Wicker is made out of hard-woven fibre. It is usually used in weaving baskets or for making furniture. Wicker is light, yet sturdy which makes it suitable for furniture that is moved often. For instance, the ones used in porches and patios.

Rattan vine

Products woven out of vines, stems or branches are also referred to as wicker. It is mostly rattan vine which is used to create wicker products. This vine can grow up to 600 feet and can grow almost 36 feet in a day.

It is easily available and can be used for crafting any type of furniture. It is a primary material for the production of wicker furniture. The pole as well as skin of this vine is used in the production of wicker. It has a thorny, outer covering which has to be removed in order to obtain cane. Rattan vine has been used in making wicker furniture and baskets since ancient times.

Care for cane?

Cane is obtained after the outer thorns of rattan vine have been removed. Cane is a popular weaving material which is used in making chair seats as well as for wrapping joints of wicker furniture. It is produced in different gauges, ranging from carriage fine to the largest slab rattan. Cane has a natural glossy finish and does not retain either stains or paint. However, it looks beautiful in its natural state.

Bamboo is not rattan

Bamboo resembles rattan and is often mistaken for it. However, one of the biggest differences between the two materials is that bamboo has a hollow core while rattan has a solid core. Also, bamboo has distinctive ridges where the leaves are attached, whereas rattan’s leaf nodes are not so pronounced.

Wicker furniture is now most preferred in houses, whether it’s for a new house or for an old one or even for smaller spaces. Moving it into a small condominium unit may be fairly thrilling though it might give you a bit of a tough time in doing up the new space. Highlight wicker furniture’s distinguishing features when you are using it to decorate your space.

The natural colour of wicker furniture is most often retained. Its natural colour and neutral and woody appearance blend well with other neutral tones in the space. Add brightly coloured cushions to chairs with a neutral tone or collections of figurines or other oddities atop wicker tables.

Using black coloured wicker furniture will add a beach holiday vibe to any room in your house. Black colour will add a sophisticated touch to traditional looking furniture. This furniture will blend beautifully in your bedroom or living room.

It will create a tropical ambience in the outdoor spaces of your home. Install comfortable furniture in your porch for it can provide seating and table space during parties or small, intimate gatherings.

Wicker furniture is also eco-friendly. Indonesia is known for making wicker furniture which is exported across the globe. Bali in Indonesia is very popular for its wicker furniture. Wicker furniture can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Egg-shaped wicker swings are quite popular. Wicker settees, wicker chairs and wicker side tables are commonly used in living rooms.

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