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We were healing a patient in the last stages of cancer, when the patient decided to take a trek to Rajasthan, at first, we inwardly wondered if it was wise, then we realised how magnificent it was. The shadows could steal her life, not her joy. If she was going to pass away, she’d do it her way.

At one point in this patient’s healing we had taken her to the deepest spirit, to God. She saw the force as a brilliant and dazzling figure. The patient asked for reassurances. “You worry too much” was the reply, “It will all be well in the end.”

It may seem odd in a supplement entitled the Living to find an article on death and rebirth. But it is incredibly apt. For how we live is shaped by where we come from and where we are going. If we imagine we face oblivion at life’s end we will be more likely to writhe with anguish. If we realise that we are immortal, then we are more likely to live with real grace.

Yes, the idea of surviving death, talking to the dead, even escorting the dead can seem farfetched, even ludicrous.

“We refuse to talk to people about life after death and reincarnation, until they reveal some sign that they have glimpsed beyond the walls of the physical. Until you know for yourself that you will survive death, these become mere tales. Interesting. But still just that — a tale.”

So how can one know there is more to us? 

One of the more beautiful ways is aura sensing. Seen from time immemorial as halos around heads of saints and chakras and koshas, auras today are undeniably caught by aura cameras and electro-magnetic devices. If we take aura sensing deeper, we can actually see the process of death. The first time Celia watched a loved one pass away she saw many bodies unfurl, some closer to the body. Some separated out. A deeper body went high into a place where flame-like beings embraced the departing spirit.
Going out-of-body is another very convincing way to know we can survive death. Here one separates one’s consciousness from one’s body and travels independently.
Obviously if I can move out of my body, then I will not die when my body dies.  
Those who return after being declared physically dead tear through death’s opacity. A student of ours was declared clinically dead for 15 minutes, and returned. He brought back startling descriptions of procedures the doctors performed to revive him, and visions of a luminous inner world.

Millions across the world have sensed presences of their loved ones after they have passed away. Is it wishful thinking? The more techno-minded seekers have used electro-magnetic sensors to ‘spot ghosts’.

Scientists have looked at those born in close vicinity of their previous birth. And found that the possibility of reincarnation must be considered seriously. Past Life Regression can offer deep certitudes. “We took Archana to see her past lives, as we do so, we simultaneously check on her experience intuitively from time to time. We see her interact with a fair man with a red uniform with silver buttons and white trouser. She saw precisely the same thing.” If three see the same thing then it is real.

A respected body of knowledge called ESP research has shown, with high statistical validity that we can in fact, communicate mentally. Opening the possibility of communicating with the dead. In ghost whispering, or séances, one we can talk to departed spirits and often receive intimate insights that none but the closest relatives can know.

But it isn’t just mystics who believe in life beyond life. Science, post quantum physics in fact, holds it to be a distinct possibility. The other day, scientists theorised that the soul is a quantum pattern of energy that can exist independently of the physical.

Whether we look at things from a mystic’s eye or a scientist’s mind, it is clear that the foundations of reality are not physical. Death is not the end.

We were following a lost young adult trying to locate him psychically. As the days passed and hope seemed to fade, his mother received a dream in which she saw him as a baby on the Devi’s lap. She knew then that he had passed away from the earth, but was still very much alive. A few days later his body was discovered in a morgue. But his spirit, as his loved ones know… soars high.

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