Netas' apathy causes delay in completion of Rangamandira

Netas' apathy causes delay in completion of Rangamandira

Auditorium being constructed at a cost of more than Rs 3.3 crore

Netas' apathy causes delay in completion of Rangamandira

 Despite providing suitable site and necessary funds, the development works that are chalked out for the benefit of the people is not taken seriously. The incomplete ‘Chamaraja Rangamandira’ is one example for the same.

The government had decided to construct a theatre in the district during the year 2009-10.  Accordingly, the government too approved the same and provided necessary grants.

The department of Kannada and Culture submitted an estimate at a cost of Rs 3.3 crore. With the rise in prices of construction materials the estimation escalated to Rs four crore.

The tender process began with the Public Works Department calling for a tender  and was allotted to a first grade contractor. The works was kickstarted on March 23 in 2010 and as per the government’s order the works have to be completed by September 24, 2011.

But the works faced starting trouble citing technical glitches and was delayed. No elected representative was concerned over the issue even after the works have been delayed for more than a year.

Currently, only around 60 per cent works are complete and except for the statements issued by these netas that it is progressing fast, the artistes here however, complain that in fact, the works are literally limping.

There is no state-of-the-art auditorium in the district and the J H Patel auditorium is better. But there is no space for staging plays, cultural programmes here and is suitable to hold medium-size functions.

Hence, it was approved to construct an auditorium with at least 750 seating capacity in the district. Due to the lack of willpower by the officials and leaders, the construction is still incomplete. The artistes stress the department concerned should immediately intervene and expedite the works.

The PWD has been given the in charge of the construction, which was said to be delayed due to technical problems. The deadline given by the government is over and a letter was written to the PWD to complete the building by November 2012.
Kannada and culture department assistant director S Manjappa said the executive engineer has assured to complete it by February.