No one high and mighty was spared in 2G probe: CBI Director

No one high and mighty was spared in 2G probe: CBI Director

No one high and mighty was spared in 2G probe: CBI Director

No one high and mighty was spared in the 2G telecom spectrum case, outgoing CBI chief A P Singh said today, rejecting suggestions of any political interference in the agency dealing with high profile cases.

"No. I don't think so. Because were monitored by the Supreme Court. They were watching every move that we were making. Some matters are still pending for Letter
Rogatory. When the Letters Rogatory comes, then we will review all these issues."

Singh, who is demitting office on Friday, was responding to a question whether some high profile people could not be made accused in the 2G allocation case.

Responding to questions about political interference in the working of CBI, Singh said there is absolutely no political interference in the investigations under CBI.

"In investigation, we are only answerable to the trial court. Nobody can give us any directions. Only cases where the Supreme Court is monitoring, the High Court is monitoring, yes we are under pressure from them but no political person can and tell what needs to be done," he told PTI.

The Director said people are totally free to investigate and come to their own conclusions.

"CBI is totally insulated from political interference. Our officers work absolutely free and impartially. I give examples even in 2G and in so many cases, there have been so many difference of opinions. And the difference of opinion arise because everybody writes what he feels. Otherwise you will never have difference of opinion. It will be always what Director decides," he said.

About the organisational challenges faced by the agency during his tenure, Singh said lack of state-of the art forensic laboratory remains a major lacunae in the agency.

"You need to have state-of-the-art forensic laboratory. We are very weak. In Bhanwari Devi case, we had to send the bones to FBI. Then there are so many issues like LR, shortage of manpower. When I joined it was 20 per cent now its 12 per cent but still needs (attention)," he said.

Singh said he never really got a chance to look into organisation matters because from day one he was busy with the probe in scams.

"There have been lot of challenges, CBI needs to be made into multi-disciplinary agency. You need to attract people from other agencies and expertise,there has to be change in the structuring of CBI," he said.

On the coal block allocations which was another major scam which was investigated by the agency during his tenure, Singh said slow progress is because of the lack of sufficient manpower to handle probe in the scam which is spread in three Ministries and 142 companies.

"It is in process of verification. There are 142 companies in the first phase and another 50 companies in the second phase. All documents need to be collected. There are three Ministries involved and state governments involved. Its a mammoth task. We have not been able to given them enough man power to do it. So it will take time but things will happen," Singh said.

About the criticism of CBI turning into IPS driven organisation with bleak prospects for the officials inducted at DSP level, Singh refused to comment saying the agency was following existing government policy.

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