Herbal is the new cosmetic

Herbal is the new cosmetic

Herbal is the new cosmetic

When people hear the word cosmetics, they often think of makeup products but the term also applies to lotions, shampoos, face creams and other products designed for external use and used to enhance the features of individuals.

While some brands of makeup may contain herbal ingredients, herbal cosmetics usually typically rely on herbs rather than artificial chemicals to provide intended benefits.

Herbal cosmetics can vary significantly. Some brands may just use a single essential oil to provide fragrance, while others base their entire formulas around herbs. Those who are looking for completely natural products should read ingredients lists very carefully, because even if labels claim to offer herbal blends, products may still contain unwanted chemicals.

Rajinder Ahuja, owner of Hella Herbal explains why herbal products are becoming popular in the market. “Herbal products have all the ingredients which are not harmful for your skin. There are no side-effects of these cosmetics as they don’t have any chemicals.”

Herbal product manufacturers use a wide variety of herbs, the most common include lavender, tea tree oil, and chamomile. These three herbs are generally considered among the safest for the skin when diluted, which may account for their popularity. Lavender and chamomile are popular choices for nighttime lotions and bath products because of their calming properties. Tea tree oil is beneficial to those with a wide variety of skin conditions, and often appears in facial products designed for those with acne.

Rashi Kochchar, trainer and head PR of Shahnaz Skin Care and Cure seconds Rajinder. “We don’t use any chemical in our products and that is why our products are so popular. Nowadays people are aware about their skin and the products they use. So, that is why even people in their early 20s’ are preferring herbal products over chemical ones.”

Going the herbal way is Ayur Herbals, which claims ti use herbs in their products. “We use very less amount of chemical in our products. For example, in our shampoo as customers want froth from their shampoo. If they don’t get froth they say that the shampoo is not worth using,” says, Harpreet Singh.