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Ply more buses to Horamavu

The authorities of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation should introduce more buses to Horamavu. Only five-six buses ply to Horamavu resulting in heavy crowding of buses. Commuters are compelled to travel on footboard during peak hours. Not even a single new service has been introduced to the area in the last three years. The population of the locality is increasing and hence more buses are required.

Manjesh C, Horamavu

Shabby work on SWD slabs

The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike has been removing stone slabs over the stormwater drains in Maruthi Mandir ward. The stones are being replaced with concrete slabs made on the spot, the quality of which is questionable. Few slabs made in similar way and laid in different areas have already been damaged. The stone slabs would have lasted a life time and the gaps between the slabs would have also allowed some amount of water percolation into the ground which would help in ground water rejuvenation. The storm water drains were built almost 10 years ago and had absolutely no problem. The project to replace stone slabs with concrete ones appears to be scheme to swindle money on a continuous basis as the newly built concrete slabs will break down owing to their shabby build thus creating a continuous opportunity for maintenance and corruption. Added to all these is the discomfiture the citizens have to go through for a period of more than a month without access to proper roads due to digging.


Garbage pile up in Kammanahalli

A vacant land adjacent to the building ‘The Motherland’ on Kacharakanahalli Road was used as a playground by children. The land has now been dug up to make way for a building thus depriving children a playground.

In addition, the land is being turned into a dump yard since garbage is being dumped indiscriminately in the vicinity. Garbage mounds, in fact, have become ubiquitous on the road.

Pourakarmikas are adding to the mess by setting them on fire which billow out obnoxious smoke.

Only a few residents are practising garbage segregation and pourakarmikas are themselves confused a lot over collection of garbage. Animals rummaging through the garbage mounds further compound the problem. The authorities concerned should take action well before Kammanahalli degenerates into further mess.

Anuradha R, Kammanahalli

Overflowing drain

Sewerage water has been overflowing on Veerapillai Street for the past one month contaminating ground water in the area. Needless to say, this has put the local people at the risk of health problems. A major health hazard may occur if the authorities do not take any step to stem the flow of sewerage water. There has been an increase in the mosquito population and with the fear of dengue lurking, residents only pray that they be spared. It is high time the authorities concerned take note of the problem and address it at the earliest.

Ravi Chander

Nandidurg Road in bad shape

The second cross of Nandidurg Extension and the main road are in poor state owing to number of potholes.  It is awful to see Miller Road being indiscriminately dug on one side and partially blocked on the other side owing to drainage work, which is progressing at a snail’s pace. Waterlogging at the Cantonment railway under bridge is a major hazard. The BBMP should take up the work on the two roads as soon as possible. The residents may be compelled to move the High Court with a public interest litigation as a last resort.

H N Srihari,
Residents’ Association

Run more buses to Shivajinagar

The BMTC should ply more buses on route 222-E from Kengeri Satellite Town to Shivajinagar at least during peak hours. A lot of people commute from Kengeri to Shivajinagar for work and they have to catch two buses via majestic. A direct bus from Kengeri would be most helpful for the daily commuters.

K S Sundaram, Kengeri

Reckless disposal of garbage

Garbage dumped behind Bagmane Tech Park in CV Raman Nagar constituency is not cleared for weeks together leading to foul smell and breeding of mosquitoes. All the shops in the area throw garbage on the road.

The residents in the locality, however, segregate waste and hand it over to the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike garbage collection trucks.

Unfortunately, shopkeepers are not adhering to the practice. The authorities concerned should enforce strict vigilance for some period to make sure that the practice is adhered to.

A resident

Irregular water supply

Water supply to Motappanapalya, in HAL 2nd stage of Indiranagar has become irregular of late. The supply is on alternate days and water does not reach the houses because of poor water pressure. The problem has been brought to the notice of the BWSSB inspector who assured to talk to the valveman. However, the problem has not been resolved. The supply to houses in Indiranagar is not affected. Will the BWSSB take steps to restore regular water supply?

Abhishek B S,
Tata Consultancy Services

Charter service of BMTC buses

It is disheartening to note that while regular commuters of the BMTC buses wait for hours together at bus stops, lot of BMTC buses have been drafted for chartered services for companies/software parks.

Once these buses drop the employees, they are pressed into normal services between 10 am to 4 pm. when no one needs them.

The BMTC should introduce more buses during peak hours and make sure that every area is covered by AC Carona, Volvo or Marco Polo buses. A lot of affluent people nowadays are willing to travel in AC buses in the interest of pollution control, saving fuel and to avoid traffic jams and are willing to pay higher fare to travel in such buses as long as they are made available.

All the buses are routed to depots by 8.30 pm. In a city like Bangalore where normally people leave offices by 8.30 pm, the BMTC should ensure that it has regular bus services at least till 10 pm. I have conveyed my concern on the grievance address platform of the BMTC website.

Satish Srinivasan

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