FBI team in Pak to probe recent terror attacks

FBI team in Pak to probe recent terror attacks

The FBI team visited a police station in Rawalpindi yesterday and collected samples from a cache of arms and explosives seized in a raid on a terrorist hideout in January.

Tight security measures were put in place when the FBI agents went to Saddar Bairooni police station and nobody was allowed inside during their 90-minute visit. A Pakistani employee of the US embassy accompanied the two agents.

Additional Inspector General of Police Muhammad Aslam Khan Tareen said the FBI agents examined explosives seized by local police.

"They just wanted to examine it and compare it with (explosive) material they already had," he said.

All the suspects belonged to Wana, the main town in the lawless South Waziristan tribal region.

The FBI is believed to be investigating last year's terrorist attacks on the Luna Caprese restaurant and Marriott Hotel here.

Reports said the FBI agents wanted to match explosives used in those attacks with those seized by the Pakistani police.

Four US security personnel were injured in the bombing of the Luna Caprese restaurant while at least two American Marines were among nearly 60 people who died when a suicide bomber struck the Marriott Hotel